One of the most interesting things, but it also becomes complex to understand when some introduction is made to the topic of densities and evolutionary levels in courses and talks, and then we talk about the frequency planes in which Creation is structured , at least at the level of our galaxy, is how the two concepts relate between each other

What does it mean that a being has a frequency level that corresponds to the frequency band of the “blue” plane, and what does it mean that it is a fifth density entity? What does it mean that you have your level of consciousness in the highest part of the mental plane and that you are becoming a being on the way to the fourth density? Basically one thing denotes the evolutionary level that a person, being or entity has, and the other denotes the highest base plane in which you move or your energy system/level of consciousness moves.

A review of the energetic structure of the internal planes of the planet

If we hear different esoteric, mystical teachings and certain pipelines, our planet is structured into seven great levels or frequency planes, which, in turn, are divided into seven other large sub-planes, which are divided into others sub-sub-planes, which in turn are divided.. ad infinitum following the same fractal structure. In fact, this is the first problem we face when determining a frequency or evolutionary level for the entities that reside in it, for our names, the names that teachings such as anthroposophy, theosophy, esoteric Christianity, even the projection (astral projection) or other disciplines have put them to these divisions, it makes no sense to the entities that reside in them, and when you ask any of these guides/beings if they are of the mental plane or if they are of the monadic plane, they tell you that those names don’t tell them anything. At the end, the easiest thing, according to my current perception, is to work with the frequencies of the colors because these seven major macro planes in which our galaxy is divided (possibly others too), have a base frequency that we can associate perfectly to the vibration of the seven colors that we know and that we all have represented at the microcosmic level in our energy system: the chakras.

So, what we call the physical and etheric plane of the Earth has a “red” base vibration, so if you ask about the “base color” of the plane of an entity and you’re told it’s red, you know it can be anything that resides primarily in the etheric plane. Then, the orange plane is the plane we call the astral substrate or the substrate “e”. The next macro plane, is the mental plane, and the base frequency of that plane, along with the causal, is the one that corresponds to the vibration of yellow. Then comes the so-called buddhic or nirvarianic plane, which corresponds to the frequency of the green, then the atmic plane, the base frequency of vibration, the blue color, then the monastic plane or Anupadaka (depending on the school you study), indigo base color, and then the Adico or Divine plane, the closest plane to the frequency level of our planetary logos, the violet, although there are also those who describe it as golden.

But this is a huge generalization. Within each macroplane, there are infinite subdivisions that correspond to infinite gradients of the base color. An entity that is “residing” in the Earth’s atmic plane may vibrate at the lowest part and have a vibration corresponding to a more “clear” blue while an entity that resides or has the evolutionary level at the end of this plane , tends to vibrate in a base plane whose blue is more “electric”, and there can be huge differences in knowledge, understanding and wisdom between these two entities even if they both say they come from the atmic plane or are called from a fifth dimension.

Densities come into play

So how do you associate an evolutionary level with a frequency plane of “residence”? It is quite simple when we know how to distinguish between the level of consciousness of a being and its base state of vibration. Now that humans are third-dimensional entities, we have our lowest plane of vibration on the physical plane, hence we possess an organic, dense, chemical body formed with elements of “red” vibration. We have an emotional body formed with the energy of the orange plane, and we have a mental and causal body of the yellow plane. And that is our current limit of development, although obviously we possess all the chakras and layers of the aura and we are a representation of the structure of the planet that we use as an evolutionary basis, because as it is above, it is below. However, the evolutionary level of any human being, his consciousness, does not exceed the limits of the causal plane (generally, many people already begin to vibrate in the next and are rubbing the green band), hence, as we are only conscious or have access to the third or fourth planes, we consider ourselves 3D beings, which is where our collective unconscious is located, which gives us the global measure of the evolutionary level that we have as a species. The more advanced people possess their unconscious or superconscious in the upper part of the mental, and the less advanced people in the lower part.

On the other hand, a being of higher evolutionary levels, “up a level” in the position in which his group mind is located or collective unconscious, so that, in addition, his denser body, for most non-solid beings of the planet ceases to be the chemical and organic and becomes etheric (like the elementals of nature), while its maximum level then moves and expands to the green band because it is the level that your consciousness or being acquires after the frequency change in which we are all involved, that is, the level that our IC will reach in the future. When a race, being, or entity calls itself a fifth dimension, it is because its highest level is already in the green band, at the beginning, if it is a recent “graduate”, or in any of the middle or higher planes of the Buddha plane, which we call if it has been at that level for some time.

And the same goes for the upper planes. Any being, race or group that self-denominates from higher “evolutionary densities” is because its highest level of vibration is in the band of consciousness that corresponds to the blue or upper color of the structure of the planet where they are evolving, while its lowest level is beyond the “orange” plane, then, as a species rises at the level of consciousness, it also releases some of its denser structure at the body level, and there comes a time when you no longer possess an etheric body , the question here is that, by increasing your evolutionary level, you lower your “physical” or your material level, so that you are not as subject to a base plane as we are, where the physical body marks the minor vibration in which we all exist,but in this case you have more freedom of movement between planes, you can go down all you want, but go upwards only to the maximum level you’ve been able to reach with your natural evolution.

Thus, there are races or groups of fifth dimension “low” and there are beings, races, guides and groups of “high fifth dimension”. And in the sixth we have the same, being this plane the monadic or Anupadaka, the base frequency plane for the part of our being that we call the “spirit”, for a part of the multidimensional set that we are is always at this evolutionary level. 6D entities move in the mental plane as the minimum level (because it is the densest body they have) and in the monadic as the maximum level.

Above the violet

Any entity that reaches the development level of the seventh density, it means that its frequency level is in the frequency band that we associate with the violet in the structure of our planet, our solar system, is ready for reunification with the sub-“Source”, in this case, and for us, or for those of us who have been “born” of the galactic logos, with the being that shapes our Milky Way. And what’s on top? For another series of planes structured differently, because our Galactic Logos comes from another source of higher hierarchy, “his Source”, and from there begins another structure of evolutionary planes where we will be able to find all kinds of beings, races, groups and so on that in many cases are associated with angelic entities, but also to other kinds of hierarchies much more advanced than we can imagine.

With this small introduction we can at least put some order to the subject of the evolutionary hierarchies of the levels of consciousness or of the basic frequency dimensions of the different entities with one encounters when one reads channeled information, for example, or ancient teachings that are lost in the origin of the times and that speak of all this without making completely clear the relations between concepts so important to understand this game of creation where we are involved.