When one goes into the search for information about oneself, connecting with that part “not incarnated” which is the Higher Self, is undoubtedly the objective to be achieved. There are many ways to do it, and all of them are valid. It only depends on the preference of each one to use one technique or another. If they are well used and we are on the consciousness that we are not going to use them to play or to “see what happens”, these techniques are extremely revealing.


Programming and protecting a pendulum to be only channeled and used by our Higher Self is very easy and does not have a big complexity. It’s from here where we can try with questions of Yes or No or using boards that we can build from what we want to ask.

Ouija board

When the questions are more complex than what a pendulum can tell us, we can resort to the ouija board. But of course, this method has such a bad reputation that the first thing that comes to our mind is that we are going to communicate with any deceased or astral entity. Again, the ouija board is not the problem, but we the channel that uses it, if you block any interference and only allow the connection with your Higher Self, the ouija board is perfect to obtain longer and more detailed answers.

Automatic Writing

The ouija board is useful but it is slow since we have to go letter by letter, so the automatic writing is an improved method. There is nothing like sitting in front of word and start writing what comes to us. It is likely that the first things that come out are from the subconscious, but when we make the connection with our Higher Self and we have some practice, the energy that’s in the first method is transmitted through the pendulum, in the second method is through the fingers to move the ouija, on this third one is channeled through the keyboard, simply you allow your Higher Self to choose the keys that give you the answers to the questions your mind is formulating.


It exists the direct channeling, there are no physical tools. We can start mentally to ask questions and directly receive the answers in the form of words, phrases, sensations, images. This is more like having a dialogue that can be recorded if it is out loud. Also those who act as a channel for others, or as mediums, use themselves to transmit information from those other levels, but we only want to connect with ourselves at the Higher Self level, so let’s leave the rest of beings and entities for another moment.

Visualization- Meditation

Incorporating meditation and visualization techniques into any of the above methods, before and after using them, reinforces the connection with our Higher Self and makes that communication easier. Everybody can do it, the only requirement is to have the knowledge of the cause, because knowledge is protection, power and security to have an effective session in the “search for the information”, spiritual or of any kind, because if you, at the Higher Self level, do not have the answers about any area of your life, who is going to have them?