Disconnecting from the collective unconscious


We all may know, in theory, that we can create the life we ​​want through our thoughts, however, the life we ​​live is basically generated by those “programs” we receive from the collective unconscious (the sum of all thoughts and emotions of all the world, in a huge energy field in the mental plane of our planet). Everything we emit accumulates in the collective unconscious and is mostly this, which we tune through our mental body and mind “decoders” (our receivers and decoders of what we could call our “reality”) and consequently what we manifest in our daily lives.

If we really want to manifest the reality we want, we must learn to disconnect from the collective unconscious that is always being manipulated by those who try to impose “their reality”.

“They Live”

The other day I saw the movie “They Live“, which I had on my list of things to do and I loved seeing so clearly how this “manipulation” of the collective unconscious works. Through television, radio, all types of electromagnetic emissions, it is possible to influence the energy fields that we all receive with messages (subliminal many times, as in advertising) so that our brain receives a type of signal and a way of seeing things and that is what decodes and manifests our mind. As in the film, you could disconnect this kind of external influence on the thoughts and emotions of all humanity, but it is also true that it is easier to disconnect oneself individually.

Blockages and restrictions to the disconnection of the collective unconscious

Since those who seek to manipulate this collective unconscious also know that we could stop “tuning” it if we were aware of what is happening (the subliminal messages have no effect on the subconscious when the logical mind knows them, so they have no power if one has knowledge of it) they have generated several blocks, issued to this same energy field to which we are all tuned, so that without realizing we accept certain restrictions that prevent us from disconnecting.

Remember the entry I wrote some time ago about negative thought forms. Basically we all have thousands of programs that prevents us from consciously disconnecting and recovering the power we have to create each one’s own reality, some of them really buried deep down our minds. There are three of them which are powerful when they work against our higher good.

Humility, Impotence and uncertainty

They have made us tune and believe (therefore manifest unconsciously) that we should not create the reality we want because we cannot be superior to others who can not do it (humility), that it is not possible to manifest the reality we want (impotence) and that it is better not to “touch anything” lest if we create the reality that we want things may go worse (uncertainty). These three negative programs are fully operational in most of us, and then everyone will have their other personal blocks depending on their beliefs and way of understanding their world.

To stop them from having an effect, you simply have to bring them to light and order our Higher Self to eliminate them and deprogram. Now you are aware that perhaps you have “that” functioning in you. Your rational mind has brought it from the level of operation of your subconscious mind to your conscience. That alone will start to stop having an effect as long as you keep yourself aware of it, cause where there is conciousness, there is not manipulation. Then it’s up to you to start generating, on the other hand, different thoughts that anchor to your subconscious (where almost all the work’s done) about the potential that you have t really create the reality you want, that you deserve to create the reality you want and above all, to empower yourself so you can be sure that when you create your own reality, it will be much better than what “they” impose on us now.

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