There are times when others release their negative opinions about us (especially when there’s some close relationship with them), and we, consciously or unconsciously, accept those opinions as valid. It often happens that you are spending a period of time feeling in such or such a way, and the image we project is a reflection of that situation, in turn causing others to get an unreal perception of us and transmit it back to us. There is nothing special or bad in these ordinary situations, the bad thing is when those “negative opinions” are transformed into our own real thoughts, then we “swallow” them and they anchor on our mental or emotional body, becoming a “negative mental or emotional form of energy” on us.

The power of the mind

Our mind is a fantastic machine that projects reality through our thoughts. If we imagine our thoughts as Play Doh, we can visualize how directing a negative thought towards the energy field or to the subtle bodies of another person, that thought can remain “stuck” in it. For this to happen, several things must happen, 1) that the thought or mental form really has enough energy charge, 2) that it is maintained for a certain period of time, and 3) that we accept it.

If for any reason, suddenly, the people that surround you begins to think of you as someone “clumsy” (for example, even if you are not), that image that all those people around you project on you will create a “goop” in your energetic structure which is going to transmit to everyone that meets you the feeling that you are a clumsy person. Of course this glob will only have been hooked if you have given permission (most of the times unconsciously), because perhaps in the last few days you have broken several things or whatever, and somehow, you have accepted that opinion that maybe you are someone clumsy.

The Law of Attraction in progress

Having “believed” that you are clumsy and having now that energetic “patch” which you have not created, but the others, but that you have taken it as right, your energy will begin to transmit the signal to the outside that “you are clumsy” because that new vibration is already part of your energetic system, of your field, and joins everything else that you radiate towards the world. Remember that your outer reality depends on your inner reality, so now you are simply telling the whole universe that you, inside yourself, are a bit clumsy.

Attracting the situations that confirm it

From here is pure law of the Attraction in motion. What you are projecting attracts identical vibratory frequencies and energy patterns, so you have basically completed the circle. Something that initially you were not, but that was created artificially by the opinions of others about you, but you accepted as valid, has become a very real component of your energy field and now you are involved in a lot of stories in which the basic component is that you are still clumsy, which will validate the image that others have of you, and reinforces your own opinion of yourself. The circle is complete.

Eliminating negative energy patterns

But since it is easy that these energy patterns end up hooked to our energy structure because others have created them and projected them on us, it is just as easy to eliminate them when we stop believing in them and get rid of them. Remember that you are what you think you are, so in the moment you stop energetically feeding that type of thoughts, they lose all their power and they dissipate. The bad thing in most cases is that we do not realize it, and we spend half of our life thinking that we are like this or like that, because things always happens to us that validate it, when in reality the detonator was never our personal situation or a personal characteristic.

My personal example

Recently I realized that there were two huge “globs” that spoke of “doubt in myself”. Without going into many details, basically the problem came to be never being sure if what I was doing was well done. I do not know what was the spark that initiated this mental and emotional form, but it could have been one or several situations created over the years in which I have allowed myself to doubt if what I had done or what I was doing was correctly done, and I had “swallowed” and accepted this belief. Becoming aware of these “patches” and having eliminated them, gave me a feeling of relief and enormous freedom, because I do not perceive myself as a doubtful person anymore, and it seems that I have stopped projecting that image at a certain level.

Take a look at the image you project or what you believe others see in you and ask yourself if you really are like that, because otherwise, you probably have an energy form stuck that is not yours and does not do you any good.