Doing what we are scared to do


Our fears are the most important limitations that prevents us from getting to express our full potential and to develop all our abilities. The good thing is that the only way to overcome them is to confront them directly, bluntly and without hesitation, teaching us to have courage and bravery, and to take steps to improve, which are necessary in our personal evolution.

However, it is easy to say that you have to deal with our own fears, and it’s really hard to do it overnight. That’s why they’re still there, because their influence is such that it costs work and personal effort to raise the challenge of catching “the fear by the horns“.

Listing things

One of the first things we have to do is to have a list of all those things that blocks us, that “scares” us or we don’t like to do. These things, if conquered, could make us take off in many directions, but currently they are just blockages that makes us go in circles to reach what we want, not always with the same result.

So one of the ways to start working on it is to put in writing everything that somehow overwhelms us, terrifies and blocks us. They can be things as “normal” as speaking in public, talking to unknown people, expressing our true opinions for fear of rejection, opening up and trusting strangers, making new friends, throwing ourselves into a new adventure, etc. Once we have all that we would like to do, but do not dare to do, we shall start working every day in one of those aspects.

Little by little

So now our goal is to do each day one of those things that frightens us, in a reduced version. Perhaps we can dare to tell a joke among friends to overcome that tension of speaking in front of others, perhaps we can try to talk to people we do not know well at our work, without any previous excuse, perhaps we can say what we think about an aspect of life without thinking about the consequences that we think it can bring to us, etc. Exercising every day to confront our fear with small personal achievements related to that fear will provide us with confidence and security in ourselves, and most importantly, after a short time, we will realize that without knowing how, that blockage that we had is gone, and we’ve taken a small significant, qualitative leap in our personal evolution.

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