Door to silence


I entered inside myself without suspecting that, if you want, you can discover amazing things. I was playing with my inner child in his white room, full of toys, a place where laughter and joy are the norm of the house, where only the entrance to the soul is allowed, but not the ego. I had done it before, and I liked it more and more. For some reason, I had not explored the place where I was, and I did not know the existence of another entrance that was not the one I used to get there, when my inner child showed me a white door, a wooden door, in which It said in big letters “Door to Silence”.

I asked him what was behind it, and he told me that only I could find out, but that if I wanted he would accompany me. I went to the white door, and opened it. You could not see anything, but there seemed to be a small light at the end of wherever it was going. My inner child told me to merge with him, and to enter together as one consciousness on that path to the unknown. His purity gave us security, my conscience gave us guidance.

I took a few steps and passed through the door to what appeared to be a corridor at the end of which a wide gallery opened, and there it was. Wow, and there it was. The vision was shocking. A huge red heart, beating incessantly, expanding and contracting and appearing to make no effort to do so, rhythmically, majestically.

I followed the corridor approaching the impressive organ when something just seemed to be like a door opening into the heart. You could enter, so I went inside. A quilted room, red, vibrant, warm, appeared on the other side of the door. It was empty, but a table and several chairs were inside it, and several corridors, and dozens of doors, lined up on all sides, creating a bit of confusion and bewilderment.

What is this? Where I am? I thought to myself

You are in your heart, said something.

What have I come here to do? I asked again.

You came to meet you, I heard again.

The multitude of doors and corridors confused me. Where am I going? What am I supposed to find? I asked for help and suddenly a light appeared next to me and guided me through one of those corridors. Is this where I should enter? There was no response, but since I had been planted in front of one of the multiple doors I decided to open it and cross it.

The vision was even more overwhelming. A huge quartz temple, with a huge round dome, a thousand times over my size, stood in front of me. But wait, no, it’s not a dome, it’s something like a crystal ball …

It’s your heart chakra, said the voice.

My heart chakra?

Yes, and here you can see it stopped. It is blocked by all those fears and thoughts that you have been accumulating for years. That ball should be spinning, but nevertheless it is partially blocked.

How is it possible? Can I do something about it?

You can eliminate the blocks- the voice insinuated.

I wanted to do something immediately. Planted in front of the temple I imagined a strong light that entered over the quartz and that tried to break the chains that held it.

That’s not how it works, the voice told me. You can not break the blocks simply by trying to erase them in a stroke, you must integrate them, you must face them and you must solve them. Your heart has accumulated many situations and many things that have been buried here for not wanting to deal with them. You must work one by one to clean them and break the chains.

But I will spend the rest of my life to remove all this that I see …

Worse it will be to stay all the rest of your life with this that you see … get to work. Start now. Search in your heart what prevents you from being what you are and give what you can give, work it, make it yours, forgive it, bring it out, and then say goodbye, let it go, lighten your load. Start today, do not leave it for tomorrow. Learn, understand and forgive, and discover what really matters.

I understood what I should do. I left the chakra room, went back to the corridor and arrived again at the red room. I left the heart and found again the way to the white room where I left my inner child playing placidly. I understood that the process of understanding life goes through a process of inner work, cleaning and assimilation, and in order to be and use all that I am and have, I must cleanse those chains that bind me in myself, and disintegrate those fears that we all carry inside, and that, in the end, it’s nothing but fears to be happy, happy with all our hearts.

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