I was just finishing publishing the previous article about Why write your goals when it came to my mind another “technique” that I have been using for years and that has given me long-term results that surprised me more than pleasantly. Continuing with the concept that only what we really stand out clearly to our consciousness (among other non-important items that go through our heads) has the potential and the power to be really reached, we will work this time with images, to create our dreamboard, or chart of our dreams.

What is a “dreamboard”?

Basically, it is a collage of images. Something we all have done in school, cutting photos of magazines, comics, newspapers, and then sticking them on a cardboard to create a potpourri of graphic representations. What in our school days was nothing more than a game, in these moments is a powerful tool to attract what we want to our lives. In this post, I am going to explain why, and you will see that we return to recurring themes such as the law of attraction, synchronicity or establishing objectives.

Building your dreamboard step by step

To create a dreamboard you must first have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve in each area of your life. As you did with the list of objectives, in this case, we are going to look for a graphic representation of each of those desires. For example, if you want to change your floor, look for images of what would be the ideal floor for you, if you want a new car, look for a picture of your dreamt car, if you want to get fit, cut out images of gyms, etc. So, by steps:

1. List the five or six areas in which you would divide everything you want: say, for example, family, money, wellness, social environment, work, and finances. Note your objectives for each area.

2. Get yourself a card, or faster, open a blank Word file, put it in horizontal format, remove all the margins and you will have your online card.

3. Look for the images that adequately represent each of your objectives. It is ESSENTIAL to find the image that best resonates with what you want. Search in google, in Internet directories, in your personal photos, etc. If you want a good blue car, do not put a picture of a red one. If you are looking for a more abstract concept, try to find a symbol or an image that represents that for you (for example, if you are looking for spiritual development you can look for images of wise people, spiritual guides, mandalas, etc.).

4. Divide your card into areas. Put a picture of yourself in the center and the current year (we will work with annual dreamboards). Everything has to come to you, so make sure your photo is aligned in the center of the card. Then, all around, and in groups, start placing the images (insert picture in Word, and glue and scissors on paper). Give each group of images a title. In the place where you added the photos of the floor, car, etc., write, for example abundance. In the place where you have your family picture (if you have put one), you can write love and happiness. Personally, I divide my dreamboard in abundance, spiritual development, creativity, health and well-being, love and family, and work.

Working with our dreamboard

Like our list of objectives, for our dreamboard to be effective we have to see it every day. What I do is to put the card created as a wallpaper, so, several times a day I find myself wanting, or unintentionally looking at what I want to attract. I send the message to my subconscious mind that this is what it must materialize in my life this year. Constant visual reinforcement (of my priorities) is the signal that our subconscious mind needs to know and maintain a very high level of energy constantly focused towards that goal. The wishes of the dreamboard, for some reason, work rather in the long term, since images have a power of detail that words do not have, and it takes more time to materialize in our reality EXACTLY what was added on the card, as they form as mental scenarios at the mental plane of our reality, then need to go down to the etheric and finally to the physical.


A real example

I was living in Brussels a few years ago, and, knowing that I was going back to Barcelona sooner or later, I created the dreamboard of what I wanted once living in my city (one of the first dreamboards of my life). One of the things that I put was a motorcycle. I did not want to be specific because I did not care much the model, I was looking for the concept of “mobility” (you know how the traffic in big cities goes).

That dreamboard stopped being on my computer background for some reason I do not remember, and when I came back to Barcelona, without even remembering what picture I had put on it, I went to buy one bike. I already had the whole model decided and almost ready to pay when my wife insinuated that she did not like it too much :-), so since we were going to share “transport”, I let her choose the one she liked. Months later I went back to review some old dreamboards and I was stunned to see that the motorbike I had put in the image was EXACTLY the same as I have now. Since then, I have not doubted more about the power to attract towards us that which we concentrate on, and has continued to work in the same way. Now I am much more careful when choosing the images because even the smallest details count.