Our planet, as a living entity also has its own energetic system and strength lines that connect the main vortexes and chakras between them and allow the “prana” that keeps Earths’ systems alive circulate to provide all the energy our planet needs, the same way as the meridians and channels of our bodies do in us.

The Earth has several chakras, many more than the seven accounted in different online publications. As a planet, the Earth has a far more complex constitution than us humans, and even though we can try by an approximation to describe it, it is much more complicated than just studying and extrapolating our energetic system.

Let’s start from the energy lines ruling the planet at an etheric level. After all solid and tangible matter, the following structure is the etheric plane, superimposed over the first one. This first etheric structure has an extremely complex grid of channels, some of you already know the so-called Ley lines, Hartmanns lines, Curry lines and such, which is the name we gave to them, but that kind of lines are just some of the routes by which the flux of vitality sustaining all the energetic fields of the planet circulate. It is a grid of many levels and interconnecting points covering many layers, within the same level or etheric structure. In this case, the most important vortexes would be the equivalent to our chakras. So, where are they? Everywhere. We already know some of them: Mount Shasta, Allen Rock, Lake Titicaca, Tibet, there are several in Norway, Africa, etc.

Earth’s chakras functions.

Thanks to the works of Robert Coon and other researchers we can know with a precise accuracy the geographical position of some of those important energetic points. Each chakra has a different double function:

  1. Keep the energetic state of the planet in balance and working properly to sustain all life forms
  2. To receive and transmit energy coded with information.

There are several chakras on each continent with the exception of the Antarctica which only has some secondary vortexes. It is not a coincidence that the centers of each chakra are close to a sacred or important place for a culture over millennia. The energy of the chakra from that sacred centre, expands on a circular manner, following a pattern resembling a swirl, which ratio extends over hundreds of kilometers. If an Earth’s chakra functions properly (without blockage) its energy can reach over 700 kilometers.

Each chakra is a dynamic vortex of subtle energies. In some situations this forces can swirl clockwise or counter-clockwise. On another circumstances the power of a chakra can direct onto a straight line all the vitality it is needed for the regions that are under its influence, which are basically a function analogous to a human body circulatory system, the meridians or the nervous system. The great energetic lines are called Ley arteries and their purpose is to connect the chakras between them through the continents.

So, where are the chakras located?

  • The first chakra is located at Mount Shasta, California.
  • The second chakra is located at the Andes and it is mobile.
  • The third one is located at Uluru-kata, Australia’s north.
  • The fourth chakra is located at Lake Titicaca, Perú.
  • The Main tantien of earth is located in Shaftesbury, close to Stonehenge in the UK.
  • The fifth chakra goes between the great pyramid, Mount Sinai and Mount of Olives, in the middle east area.
  • The sixth chakra is located in the center of Africa.
  • The seventh Chakra is located in Tibet, Mount Kailas.

As you can see, when the energetic centers of the planet work in balance, the entirety of humanity benefits, the subtle current of energy flows through Earth’s clean arteries and our planet is energetically “a healthy being.” As with all life manifested here, this is not always possible and in many occasions Earth must shake up and unblock all those energetic points to restore the balance.