If the planet we live in seems to be “saturated” with people, I do not want to tell you about the so-called internal planes or non-physical planes of our planet. I’ve written several times about it, so to not bore you, the only thing I wanted to detail a little more is the theme of the “inhabitants” of each plane, as I have been learning in recent years, both in practice through the information I receive in the readings of Akashic healings, the meditations with entities that we call guides, the teachings of the different metaphysical trends that have been falling into my hands, the courses and books of astral projection, etc..

Quick review of the structure of the planet

Each evolutionary system as it is our planet, our solar system or our galaxy, is formed and sub-divided into different planes or frequency levels. Thus, in a generic way, and then, we will enter into nomenclatures, the structure of our earth is divided in the following way:


Adic plane


Atmic Plane




Causal plane


Mental plane


Astral Substrate


Etheric plane

You all know the etheric plane, the astral substrate and those who have read some metaphysics you probably know the mental plane with the name of Devachanic Plane. It is a mix up of terminology, because the highest frequency levels of our planet are called in almost all sites simply “spiritual planes” or “higher terrestrial” planes, and being so generic terms give rise to confusion, so I prefer Identify them by “numbers”. What happens is, of course, this is a “human” classification, seen from the point of view of the Higher Self and the entities that reside with them the only thing they perceive are different energetic levels, they do not put numbers, and that confuses us when we ask questions. Moreover, these planes are purely terrestrial, although each “living” planet can have its different non-physical planes, in general, the structure will be similar.

In any case, we are not going to think much about it, but I want to simply put more or less different types of beings and entities to place them on the map.

“Inhabitants” of the astral Plane

It is the best known, especially since it is the easiest to access, especially with techniques of astral projection, and in meditation, and of which there is more literature. The first thing we find in the lower levels are simply forms of compact energy, mainly negative, which have claimed semi-life, or are semi-conscious because they are born from the energies of the collective unconscious that have become independent and “lowered” to a level between the mental plane and the etheric plane. This type of “entities” function simply by law of attraction, where there is a compatible energy, there they are attracted, and they can dissolve and disintegrate back again in the generic energy of the plane to which they belong. Then in what we call the mental plane, in one of its intermediate fringes, we have the belief system, youcan read here about it, and of course all the types of entities that we could call “demonic”, semi or very intelligent, little or very powerful, because they exist of all kind of colors and for all types of tastes. This in the “negative” part of the spectrum.

Also starting with the etheric, astral and all the scale of different levels of our planet, coexist all the beings and entities that work directly with the planet, all the energies of the Elementals, the forces that govern the mineral, vegetable and animal realms, as well as beings that we might call “guides” who are in charge of the protection and care of “Kumar”, as the soul or planetary consciousness.

Devachanic and Upper planes

As we climb a little in the different frequencial levels that surround the planet, we find a cast of entities to which, if they could be called “beings of light” we would be right, because it becomes difficult to distinguish categories or classifications, It would be like trying to explain to a alien of Uranus the difference between a Chinese and a Japanese, a little complex. Still, we can more or less distinguish certain large groups of entities that assist us from these levels.

The first of them would be the people, the souls, who directly after graduation from the level in which we are now have wished to remain in the internal planes to help those who are still incarnate. Here we can obviously find what we call spiritual guides, because they can be entities that reached their “graduation” 100 or 1500 years ago and that have been maintained, by their will of service to us, working from these levels. They tend to be individual guides, assigned to us for a thousand different reasons, and that are governed by the guidelines of our Higher Self according to the plans we have for each incarnation.

The next group, similar, would be those same souls that after graduation form certain specific groups of help, and become, some of them, in which it is popularly called “Ascended Masters”. These types of souls are not directly assigned to an incarnated person, but they work in groups with different archetypes of humanity, with more global energies and with the supervision of energetic events that can or will not manifest on a physical level. This is obviously a crude and generic description, but it helps us to differentiate the work of these groups from the souls that become individual guides.

Entities that have never physically incarnated

Then at these same frequency levels we have entities that have never incarnated at the physical level, and that belong exclusively to the terrestrial planes and whose only mission is the help, protection, and support to souls that continue to incarnate physically. It is the same role of “spiritual guides” that have been 3D souls graduates, but the difference is that these kinds of beings have never been incarnated in a body.

Finally, and in the higher planes, frequencies speaking, and also with the same function as the previous group, we have all kinds of entities and beings that we could call “angelic” or associate with the angel concept. But here it’s a little more complex, and especially it costs to distinguish when someone talks to you about angels from the concept “religious” and the paraphernalia mounted around it, when it comes to creations of the collective unconscious because of the imaginary existent of the same, or when we are really talking about entities of these planes with their own existence whatever happens and think what the great masses of humanity so manipulated by the religions think. As you can see, I am a little skeptical about “angels” when you associate a religious concept, but totally convinced that a certain type of entities or beings that may take this kind of form because it suits them for their kind of work.

This point is very important, because every entity outside the physical plane can shape its appearance as it suits it. And every being that works as a guide and helps another will adapt his image to that which is most opportune according to the case. I always say in the meditation workshops that I do an introductory to the connection with our spiritual guides that I started seeing those beings I call my guides as Tibetan monks, then like Gandalf, and then simply as the forms of energy they are, without any associated figure or disguise.

A help that is always available

All of this is nothing more than a super-generalization of the diversity of forms, beings and entities that exists around us, and that are always available to ask for help or advice. They are always governed by the incarnational parameters of each one of us, those that our Higher Self indicates as necessary, and where the intervention limits are marked. It is also kept very clear that no one can have his/her “free will” broken, so another golden rule is that if you want help, you have to ask for it, otherwise you can be having a bad time, but if you do not give consciously permission for it , unless your Higher Self does, they will not intervene. And it’s a shame, because in addition to a great sense of humour, they are a great resource that reminds us constantly that even if it seems, we are never alone in this evolutionary journey.