Every time we do an energetic cleansing after an Akashic Healing, after the reading we get 3 blockages of one type, 5 of another, and 10 of another. How is this really reflected? Can these blockages be seen? What happens when we take them off and how do we know if they really were removed?

It is normal to find these questions because there are people who do not notice anything special, while others feel moderately important physical effects. Each one is an individual world and we have different levels of “robustness” and sensitivity to the energies that surround us.

Last night I was thinking about this when it comes to my memory the Kirlian camera, a kind of a camera that captures the subtle energy (the electromagnetic field) that generates our aura and that when is processed with the appropriate software, it allows us to obtain representations more or less accurate of how we are “seen” energetically.

Searching the internet I have found a couple of photos that can illustrate (more or less) this effect. In the image on the left side we see a person before a cleansing session, in this “confused” aura there are different types of energies or blockages, especially of the negative type produced by forms of thoughts, the aura is more dense, less “ordered”. When we eliminate and transmute these “negative” energies, we would find ourselves with an aura more or less similar to the one on the right side (again, in a very generic way). The layers are more structured, the colors are lighter (more “fluid” the energies), the negative thought forms, the etheric implants, the hooks in the chakras, etc., etc., the “harmful” frequencies that we project towards the outside that manifest in our reality where we vibrate have disappeared.

Although this is an extremely general visual explanation, I hope it serves to give us an idea of ​​how the effects of healing would be visualized (with registers or with any therapy), it’s a pity not having the tools to make this comparison in each work session, although it would be something like that depending on what we would have found and eliminated.