Since the Solar System approximately 30 or 40 years ago during its journey along the Milky Way entered an area where the energies of “space” had another frequency and vibrational component, we have been talking about the planet entering the new evolutionary level.

Since then, the planet, vibrating in an environment that we have called reality 7,8Hz by the frequency of its base vibration, it has been modifying and re-calibrating itself with the influx of these energies or frequencies that hit the planet from the outside. The process has been gradual, is gradual and will continue gradual because all the movement and energetic anchorage occurs first in the non-physical part of the planet, the so-called internal planes.

Before the full activation of the new reality on non-physical planes

During the process of “absorption” and vibrational transformation in the non-physical planes, the energy level has been varying, so the planet has increased its “profile” going from a planet loaded with predominantly negative energies to transmute and start anchoring positive energies. We as human beings on a physical body made with chemical components, have been living more or less comfortable on this “dense” environment because it resonated on vibration with our energy system. The planet on its crust has accumulated terrible amounts of negative energies generated by us, which has led to the creation of clusters, mainly related to the energies of fear, anger, rage, violence, aggression, etc., that have been creating frictions and “bubbles”. As you can see in the diagram below, the energies of the negative environment generated by us and present at a vibrational level in the “air” that surround us, were either accumulated on the planet or were absorbed by our energy system or both.



However, we have been from a few years of these negative energy clusters on the planet that have begun to explode, mainly because of the pressure of the energies that surround us. Only in year 2012 we have experienced tremendous natural catastrophes as a consequence of the planet’s need to clean itself (Source


● February: An earthquake of 6.7 degrees on the Richter scale in the vicinity of the island of Negros (Philippines) leaves 69 deaths and 90 homes buried.

● May: Two earthquakes of 5.9 and 5.8 degrees lead to 26 deaths in the Emilia Romagna region, in northern Italy. The first earthquake caused seven deaths, 6,000 evacuations and severe damage, while the second caused 19 deaths, 350 wounded and more than 20,000 affected.

● June: A hundred dead in a village of Worth (Afghanistan), after two earthquakes of 5.7 and 5.4 Richter degrees.

● August: Two earthquakes of 6.2 and 6 degrees leave 306 deaths, more than 3,000 wounded and 300,000 victims in the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan.

● September: An earthquake of 5.7 degrees in the Chinese provinces of Yunnan and Guizhou cause 81 deaths, 820 wounded and 700,000 victims.

● November: A seismic movement of 7.2 degrees Richter in Guatemala, with epicenter in the Southern Department of Retalhuleu, provokes 44 deaths and more than three million affected.

Cold waves

● January-February: Two consecutive waves of polar cold from Siberia and Central Asia, with temperatures up to 39.4 degrees below zero leave in Europe at least 769 dead.

● The cold also caused the death of 57 people in Italy, fifteen in France, seven in Germany and three in the UK. In Hungary, 24 people died, 23 in Bulgaria and Lithuania, 21 in the Czech Republic, 20 in Serbia and 17 in Bosnia.

Heat waves

● June: 45 people die as a result of a heat wave in the Indian state of Bengal.

● July: Forty-six people die from heat in the United States, with higher temperatures at 40 degrees.

● July: 13 people die and another 5,500 are hospitalized due to a heat wave in Japan.


● June: Landslides caused by heavy monsoon rains in Bangladesh cause 94 deaths.

● June-July: 77 deaths and two million affected by the monsoon rains in the Indian state of Asthma.

● July: Rain falls on the Russian coast of the Black Sea cause 170 deaths and 35,000 affected.

● July: Beijing Local Government figures in 77 the deaths after the worst floods in 60 years, that affected 1.9 million people.

● July: Torrential rains leave in North Korea 169 deaths, 144 wounded, 400 missing persons and 212,000 homeless people.

● August: 31 deaths, 40 disappeared and 2,000 victims of monsoon rains in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

● August: 85 deaths and 3 million victims in Manila and fifteen other Philippine provinces by the floods.

● September: 450 people die, 654 injured and 4.9 million affected by rain of the monsoon in Pakistan.

● September-October: 148 people die and 134,000 are affected by floods in Niger.

Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones

● January: 40 people die and 117,000 were affected after the passage of the tropical storm “Giving” and the cyclone “Funso” by Mozambique.

● August: Tropical Storm “Ernesto”, transformed into Category 1 hurricane, leaves in the south of Mexico 12 deaths, 10,000 homes damaged and half a million people without electricity.

● August: Tropical Storm “ISAAC”, transformed into category one hurricane, causes 36 dead and three disappeared after whipping Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and the U.S.

● July-August: The Tropical Storm “Saola”, transformed into Typhoon, leaves 50 dead and six disappeared in the Philippines and Taiwan, before affecting China, where it caused, along with the Typhoons “Damrey” and “Haikui”, 51 dead and 21 missing.

● August-September: Typhoon “Bolaven Plateau” causes 66 dead and 57 missing as it passes through Japan, North Korea, and South Korea.

● October: Hurricane “Sandy”, category two, leaves about 200 dead after their passage through Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Bahamás, United States and Canada. Countries with more number of victims suffered were the United States (between 125 and 150 dead), Haiti (54 dead and 21 missing) and Cuba (eleven dead).

● October: 34 people die, 10 disappeared and more 100,000 were affected after the passage of the Tropical Storm “Son Tinh” by the Philippines and Vietnam.

“Post-activation” situation high frequency energies

At the moment, the non-physical planes are completely “impregnated” and “activated” with the new frequency level where the structure of the new “Matrix 15.6 Hz” is being “built”. All that perspiration at energetic levels are new energies and waves that begin to fit at physical level. The environment that “we breathe” is every time of greater vibration, the ground that we touch, the organic body that we carry it is still very dense. There’s an incompatibility and that is noticing.

Energy incompatibility

In the meantime what is happening, is that everything we carry on the slope that still resonates with the environment of “negative” energies, it begins to be little bit compatible. New energies bring a great load of energetic transparency in them, and collide with everything that at this moment remains stagnant and hidden in our body. That’s why all emotions, thoughts, patterns, beliefs, blockages and restrictions of all kinds, are going to begin to stir little by little in themselves. Is like receiving a session of any energetic therapy without realizing it to make us take out everything that does not fit with the new energy environment. Many people rather to say they put it on a microwave.

Flow with new parameters

In order to force us to look at our navel to take out and process the “dark” and hidden part of each one of us that we have not wanted to see in many years (and they could remain perfectly hidden because the environment allowed it), you have to change the paradigm and the values with which we will have to start to flow if we want to be clothed by the vibrational environment instead of going countercurrent.

Basically we should start to increase those values, behaviors and parameters that are the basis of the new energy environment: service to others. This service to others is the polarity of the planet in this moment on a non-physical level, and applies to the generic lessons of the new reality that we’re all going to have to learn in this new course: love, cooperation, mutual help, the healing of the planet, restitution of the environment we have damaged, support, compassion, etc… That’s what touches us now, implement those generic values and concepts in this transition period if we want to flow again with what energetically transpires and stop swimming against the current.

This process is complex. There are still many low vibration energies to cleanse. Many people are going to see their emotions and feelings that had been buried in them increased, and it can be a tough process if you don’t want to process and digest the “dark” part that we all have. The physical body will continue to be a three-dimensional, chemical physical body, but we can learn to navigate the higher environment if we activate those “cables” we have of power, if we align ourselves with the new paradigm and the new values and if we put our hands to work to clean up everything we wear as remains of the past that are disappearing more and more at the vibrational level (although not in the physical, so we still have many decades to experience).