Emptying our lives so we can fill it with new things


Probably it has happened to all of us that we accumulate ideas, projects and desires, but, by the fact of not having emptied a bit our life’s closet storage, these do not end materializing because, simple, they have no space, energetically speaking. It’s simply that you can not fill a cup that is already completely full, and, although we do not realize it, that is precisely what we try to do most of the time.

Taking out what no longer serves us

There’s no point in keeping things “just in case.” If something no longer serves us, we must let it leave our lives, thanking it for the service provided and allowing the energy and space that it occupied in our existence be released, and free us. It doesn’t matter if we talk about commitments, material objects, people, repetitive events or even activities that we do without knowing why. It is an extremely healthy activity to cleanse our lives regularly from everything that no longer serves us. And don’t worry, if you need them again, you’ll bring it back to you.

Everything occupies a certain mental space in our mind. When we are “full” of things, there is no human way for us to form new ideas, projects, situations, etc., to manifest in our reality because there is no “room” for them. Not because by themselves these things can’t happen, but because we can not handle them, because we are so saturated, and as long as we don’t do some mental cleaning we will not be able to release the energy that it is required to manage these new situations.

Closing doors, Opening doors

To open new doors, others must close. A new stage can begin only when the previous one is almost finished, or completely ended. Taking a lot of things in parallel is completely feasible, but we all have limits. You have to close issues before you can open others. What do you have pending that consumes you so much that does not let you start anything new? Make a review of your current situation. Structure everything you have in hand and analyze what you can conclude, you can eliminate, you can get rid off. When you’ve done it, maybe you can analyze everything you want to start and put it in place.

Remember, you can’t fill a cup that’s already full. Give it a drink and leave room for whatever needs to come on its place. You will see how well you feel doing cleansing in your life and the things that are out there waiting for you to make space to enter.

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