Many of the issues and concerns we have as adults are due to the fact that we have forgotten the joy of living, the innocence and the naturalness we had when we were children. We have adapted to the outside world and we have lost, in most of the cases, the connection with the child we were, with the pleasure of being around and living our lives just for the sake of it, and being amazed with every new discovery we make every time something new showed up before our eyes.

But our inner child has not disappeared by being bypassed by the adult and just went away; it’s just that this child became a repressed, hidden component, in most cases, of our personality that we do not let it out.

The inner child effect

The child we carry out inside us does not understand much of the adult noise, feeling disoriented by it and thus disorienting the “self” (ego, personality) we are without even noticing. The inner child asks us to play with life and everything around us, that we do not take ourselves that seriously in every single situation we face and make a big fuss about it, because the inner child knows that all this is nothing but an illusion.

Our inner child wants to feel loved, hugged and listened. We repress its impulses, so the adult becomes sometimes cold, distant, or frequently complaining about everything he or she is passing through. The emotional wounds we suffered when we were kids also remain hidden and latent in the child’s personality we carry inside us, coming to the surface in the form of beliefs, behaviors, fears and limitations of every kind.

To say it clear: the inner child is a real being living at the bottom of our psyche, it has its own voice and it keeps trying to be listened instead of being repressed.

Connecting with the inner child

I would like to recommend you a powerful meditation that will help you to understand your inner child and the message it has for you. Do not worry if you have not meditated before, you will see how easy it is to find this connection and discover the multiple feelings and messages awaiting for you.

Our inner child lives in, or, better said, can be contacted through our heart. At an energetic level, we could say that the part of the consciousness that represents the energy of our inner child has a point of access located in the heart chakra, so that is where we can go and find it.

Do relax, enter into meditation and visualize a road, stairway, tunnel, door (whatever suits you) that represents the way to get to your heart (as if it was a real road, a physical place you can arrive to). Go there, enter, observe where you are.

However it may be the place in your heart that you imagined, call in your inner child. He will be playing somewhere around. Imagine it in front of you: how is the scene? What is its image? How do you look like? Are you 3, 5, 7 years old? What are you doing at that moment? Establish an imaginary conversation with it. What does it say? What sort of feelings does it communicates to you? Perhaps you perceive images and emotions rather than words. And this is totally right; just try to understand what your inner child is telling you and what is the message to receive.

Listen to your child and try to see how it feels. Is he/she sad? Happy? Confused? Just as he/she feels, you will probably feel the same way at some level that you may not be able to identify yet. Work with your inner child to release these emotions that have not come out and soon you will see how your life changes for better. Meditate as many times as necessary and the changes will amaze you.

My own example

I performed this meditation yesterday, and when I imagined myself looking for my inner child in my mind, a scene of a room full of toys and filled with a golden light showed up. I saw myself along with the image of me when I was 4 or 5 years old, and I was playing and laughing. I started talking with my child and I asked him how he was and how he was feeling.

He told me he finally had found a way to express his point of view of the world through me in my “external reality” because – now that I am father of a little boy – I spent plenty of time playing around and doing nonsenses, enjoying to play and to laugh just for the sake it.

Unknowingly, by acting like my son does when I am with him I was giving a way out to my inner child´s feelings, since he simply wants to do that: play and laugh. Within the meditation, my inner child “hugged” me and and said: “everything is fine, I am happy”.

I have to tell you that a few months ago before my son were born, in this same meditation the message was “I feel lonely, I do not understand anything of what is going on with me”. And this made me consider many things regarding how I was blocking the dream to live and to be for the sake of it, without further concern.

Now, every time I can, I pay a visit to my inner child since he is an important part of who I am, and its happiness is an essential part of me… because he is me.