Energetic influence between timelines of physical events

As I mentioned a couple of articles ago, the fact that a person modifies their vibration frequency causes you to automatically get hooked from one of the timelines which are perceived at the moment as important on the planet and you anchor yourself to another. Although by the moment there are still five major lines of events, recently we have seen the three power stations contracting or expanding becoming one or keeping separate as three, depending on how world events were causing the mass of the population to increase or decrease their vibration, responding to the emotional and mental effect of what is happening on the planet.

The contraction of the three center lines in one, occurs when many people approach either to the negative line or to the positive one, I mean, to the number 5 or to the number 1 leaving some little room for those who walk “half-inks”, so if the two extreme grows, they “eat” part of the others and absorb them leaving only one middle band (line 3) separating them. However, when the population spectrum is much more spread across multiple frequency levels, the center band expands and those that maintain a high frequency, although not the enough one to stay on the ideal line, engage and force the line 2 positive, while those that increase their negative connection but without falling on the most “catastrophic” line, give strength to line 4. Line 3 somehow is on horseback between the two realities and is the one that keeps them apart.

Since depending on our particular circumstances we regularly raise or lower our vibration, we can at a certain epoch or during a certain period of time, go through different lines while remaining within an acceptable “safety” margin that makes us jump only one or two at most from our starting line, unless it happens something tremendously strong that will lower our vibration like a magnet attracting us three or four lines away.

That is, if you find yourself resonating in the ideal line 1 and something happens to you, something that lowers your frequency a little, you still fluctuate between 1 and 2, but if you get hit a major slump, you may reach the three, but something very big has to happen for quite some time for someone who, naturally and because of his or her inner work, is normally on the most positive lines to end up hooked on line 5. On the contrary, to stop resonating with a negative or low frequency line, you have to make an enormous effort to raise and maintain the vibration and it is difficult to go from being on 4 or 5 one day to 1 the next. The transitions are always gradual and little by little but automatic.

Monitoring changes and applying corrections

Being able to monitor these changes can only be done if you have the help of someone or something that is evidently outside of our space-time matrix from where you can perceive all the potential futures that co-exist in each of the temporary lines. Even at the top of the pyramid of control on the planet, only a few members of these elites are aware and monitor these population movements from one timeline to another, possibly with the help of other races and their technology. If a very high increase of people moving to reality and the ideal timeline are detected, they are set up triggers to reinforce the negative one. As I told you at the conference, here are two sides playing to pull the rope, to see who takes the cat to the water. No one likes to see the supermarket where they get their supplies shut down, so efforts are redoubled to keep the farm going. Thus, in order to reinforce a line, in this case the negative one, making it stronger by connecting more people to it, events have to be provoked that affect people’s psyche, their emotional and/or mental centres, so that, as most people are unaware of the automatic functioning of these centers and their effect on the overall vibration frequency of the energy system, it causes the “hooking” to the desired line completely automatically and without control or self-awareness of what has happened on the part of the person concerned.

The “resonance” effect or reverberation waves

Thus, as things go by, all kinds of situations are generated in the physical reality of the world that causes what we already know: fear, worry, violence and all kinds of associated emotions. These events do not need to be planetary, they can be local or regional, the media is already the responsible one for spreading that in the newspaper, in the tv news and others (“you just only have to see how the world is, right?”). The influence on the collective unconscious is immediate as soon as a critical mass of people is reached resonating with the energetic effect of that event (for example, millions of people concerned about whether this happens or not).

Reinforcing a line and attracting people to it

Of course, an event usually occurs in a single timeline, of that person or group that generates it and, if we talk about those who provoke our elites and the pyramid of control, then they occur almost always on the timeline 4 or 5. How then does that event affect people who are at other higher levels of vibration? By reverberation, the same effect that occurs when a stone is thrown into a pond, where water waves generate echoes that expand from the initial point.

Just as the stone when it falls causes an energy shock at the point where it enters the water, the energy impact of event X (whether it is an attack, a demonstration, a provoked revolt, a pandemic, a peak of the economic crisis, etc.), has its maximum impact on the timeline in which it is generated, reinforcing it and making all those who are hooked on that line even more powerful in their vision of the world, since it is evident that in the reality in which they live things happen that they see (and that others provoke, but that we accept and reinforce with the role and the co-creative potential that we have).

But obviously it’s not enough, because it only keeps those in 5 where they are so they don’t change lines. In order to give strength to a negative timeline, you have to attract more people to it, and this happens thanks to the effect of the reverberation waves that are able to reach other adjacent lines and influence those who are with the “right” vibration to stay in 4 or 3. Those in 4 who are influenced (those who watch the news and have a panic attack that lasts long enough to change their vibration), then will go to 5, and those in 3 who are also “right” then will go to 4, for the same effect and so on.

The higher the vibration of a person is, the lower affects in their world and in their reality about what happens in the other lines (“yes, many things happen in multiple parts of the world, but, for some reason, it doesn’t affect me not a little bit in mine”). That doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t know of that event, simply his natural shield, his attitude, his knowledge, his mood, his energy system, doesn’t suffer not a scratch and doesn’t harm him “in his world” anything that that event has generated. Examples of this kind we have them every day, no matter how bad things go, they only affect those who resonate with that.

Reverberation waves that raise your frequency

On the other hand, the same effect of “reverb waves” also has very positive consequences if events are generated on timeline 1. Anything that happens and that implicitly brings a very high frequency of vibration, will affect by reverberation to the adjacent timelines moving people from timeline 2 to 1, and from timeline 3 to 2. What’s the trick? Soak up the energy of the places that vibrate very high, surround yourself with people who are at your vibration level or higher, shower yourself with news and events that are positive and all that kind of things that lift your spirits, all this will improve your mood, you will be energized, etc., because the process of change of vibration is the same whether something pulls us “up” or pulls us “down”.

Thus, the idea is to go and to go up and up with vibration, and be attentive, very attentive when we perceive that certain events are being created or if we are involved in environments, events or circumstances, real, provoked or “casual” that try to throw us down. If you’re aware of it, nothing can bring you down while you be also consciously. Keep on working to climb higher and higher each time.

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