We all know that when someone dies or has an experience close to death, it is said that a tunnel appears through which to cross over to the other side. The reason for this tunnel, which is related to the so-called silver cord, has its reason in the perception that exists when crossing different frequency levels, planes and densities, from a denser one (ours), to a less dense one (the astral, the mental or any other plane of the structure of the Earth).

Membranes between planes or dimensions

The different planes of frequencies, the different existing levels of vibration, from the most “solid” to the least (the Source, the infinity, the inmensity, etc.), are separated from each other by some kind of energy membrane simulating a “wall”. These “walls” contain the energy of the planes that delimit, and make a separation between one dimension or a sub-dimension and another.

In astral projections this phenomenon is suffered by those who, in the middle of an exploration, suddenly they find themselves with an insurmountable wall (representing again what that energy represents). Despite being sure they are in the astral plane, and that they can cross all kinds of barriers (physical or the most dense ones), there are places that can not be passed thru. More than one person in more than one book says that they feel scared to think that they are “trapped” by not being able to cross, something that a priori, is not more than a sort of energy that is easily manipulated.

However, these membranes act as the walls that separate some cells from others, mark the perimeter and the area where an energy density or vibratory level “ends” and “begins” another one. The closest immediate step to the vibration where we exist (from the physical plane to the etheric plane or to the astral plane or to the non-physical plane) is made by crossing this membrane or “wall” of energy that separates both levels.

Moldable tunnels

However, these separations are completely permeable when the level of energy necessary to cross over to the other side is available, as it is at the moment we die when we separate ourselves from our physical body and also from the etheric body and we can pass through the energetic membrane that takes us to the astral and superior planes. The way this membrane has to “mold itself” to open up to us, is taking the form of a tunnel that is what we perceive. When an energy or entity approaches to that wall to cross it, there is an opening with the shape of a tunnel that connects both sides, and that is “closed” after our passage through it. So, we don’t only see the tunnel when we are traversing from the physical to the astral, but also when we move to densities or higher levels or parallel dimensions (in which they would rather take the form of portals).

Black holes connecting universes / parallel dimensions

And following with the subject, a theory about membranes separating different energetic levels, are shown in the physics of Einstein and Nathan Rosen, who presented the equations and the mathematical formulation where they tried to explain at a physical level, the black holes as possible tunnels between membranes connecting universes and parallel dimensions. If at a level of dimensions and planes each time less dense, we can perceive these walls in an astral projection, at the “physical” level, the Einstein-Rosen Bridge theory would tell us the same thing but with parallel planes. I mean, a black hole would be the physical representation of one of those tunnels that connects two universes or planes or parallel realities.

Energetic level and experiences

In any case, these “walls” separating the different frequency levels are easily crossed, increasing the frequency level that one person has and has to match with the frequency level of the density of the plane on the “other side” of the tunnel to be able to pass it. An interesting example could be a meditation / visualization of connection with our Higher Self. I did one of the exercises several weeks ago of what is called the Gateway Experience (in the blog you can find some articles about it), where I put the sounds that take you to the level that is called Focus 12, and where you can connect with your Higher Self “tuning him”, it’s a kind of a mental projection (not astral). What I perceived was how I got into a tunnel, like Stargate, and I saw exactly the same thing that comes out in the TV series when an interstellar door is crossed to “get out” to that plane where my “HS” is. It was all black and I did not see anything else. I left after the meditation trying to understand what I saw, I asked for synchronicities to understand that, and these days I have received the answers I just told you.

This is an interesting topic to understand a little more the operation of the “not visible” planes (that at the end, is almost everything that “exists”).