Energetically cleansing our house or work space


I’m sure this has happened to many of you, when you have entered someone’s house, or when looking at apartments to buy or rent, or whatever the case may be, and you leave with some odd “feeling” about the place you just visited. You think “this spot has good or bad vibes”, “this place doesn’t give me a good impression”, etc., this feeling has one simple reason: the energetic imprint that place puts on us while we are there.

The same thing happens when we have lived in our house for a long time. We don’t always feel as comfortable as we should, or we get an eerie feeling in certain spots of the house. Our children (much more perceptive than us) don’t even come close to some corners, or a heaviness hangs in the air that we cannot explain. This is nothing but the negative energy load accumulated in that place, state, house, office, building, etc. throughout its lifetime, something that warrants an energetic clean-up.

Our home is an energetic “entity”

Just as we all possess information of our own energetic status within our Higher Self, the places where we presently live are also considered energetic entities, with an energetic field of their own. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to do an energetic cleansing in our home or residence  I strongly recommend this kind of clean-up where we live or work, to get rid of all negative energy gathered during its lifetime (and even before there was anything built there, because the land may have been used for other purposes which energy is left intact over time)

The cleaning process is easy. The energetic field is detected and tuned in, the problems are interpreted and looked through to define a healing process, in the same way as we would for people. In addition, these clean-ups can also be enhanced with the use of high frequency music, burning certain types of incense or plants, or through small rituals, etc.

What problems can we find in a home?

We can find several things that negatively influence people who dwell in a specific place. Mainly, when I do a house cleansing, I find the following problems, stated more or less in general:

● Negative and conflicting energies generated by all the previous tenants that passed through or inhabited that place.

● The residual energy of all the people entering and leaving the house, they do not live there but they leave traces of negative energy, if present in their aura or subtle bodies, when they hook with the energy of those who live there, or with objects prone to energy charge (crystals, minerals, etc.)

● Spirits, non-incarnate entities, and “wandering” ghosts, who have not transitioned to higher planes because they are attached to a particular place (which perhaps was dear to them at some time), and who cannot or don’t know how to “leave”. Their energy greatly affects the occupants of the house, although they may not realize it.

● The type of energy “signature” of the place. When an important event or situation energetically loads the place where we live, this energy becomes its “signature” unless it’s changed. If the land where our house lies was once a battlefield centuries ago, the energy of these battles remains as the main energy signature of the place; the same goes for a place of worship, or with a cemetery, or a sacred place, etc. These influences have to be transformed into the energy signature associated with the present function as a “home” or “workplace”, in order to harmonize what the site “is”, with what the site “is used for”.

Thorough cleansing

Personally, I’ve noticed substantial improvement after cleaning my apartment for the first time. It is also known that this type of cleansing is performed for real estate agencies, before they show a property to potential customers again, because people is really susceptible to certain types of energy and can perceive if a house gives off good vibes or not; if it is already difficult to sell an apartment it will be harder if there are negative energies attached to it.

If you notice that something is not exactly well where you live, or have the outright feeling that entities and negative energy are present, it’s time for a clean-up. Let’s enjoy being home getting rid of everything that may affect us.

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