Energy cleansing symptoms


When someone perform on us any kind of energetic cleansing, or we do it to ourselves, there is usually a period of a few days during which most of those changes take place. These are days of “detoxification” and integration of new energies and information into our subtle bodies. These changes can also occur spontaneously when we are going through an important stage of our life, intense or especially moved.

Letting go of certain energies accumulated in our energy fields and subtle bodies that no longer serve us, and replacing them with new higher energies, produces the effect of “data update”, by making an analogy with a computer to which we are installing their most recent version programs, or even a new operating system.

Different performance levels

Although when an energetic work is done on someone it is ensured that these changes and updates are made with as little discomfort as possible for the subject that receives them (cleansing is done through that person’s Higher Self on the Akashic Healing technique that I teach), certain symptoms may appear during this period which are good to learn and to know that they are appearing due to the improvement and cleansing of the energy system.

Working at all levels

However, since we are all completely different, some people won’t notice anything at all, while others will perceive one or more things I’ll explain to you later. You must also know that readjustment occurs at all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual and finally physical, so there are those who feel nothing until long after they have received their cleansing and energy healing.

In one way or another, all our living areas are going to be affected by the readjustment of these characteristics, as such work produces healing and frequency elevation, removal of stuff which no longer serve us, and a rebalance at all levels of our being. The deeper this cleansing is, the more things are removed and the more positive effects it has once it is completed.

Some symptoms or sensations

I can briefly tell you what we find at each level of our structure when we are removing those blocked energies and replacing them with new ones.

Physical body-cleaning

Symptoms similar to a slight cold or flu: headache, some fever, itchy throat, cough, etc, Also some minor physical discomfort. The body is simply trying to eliminate toxins and stagnant energies wherever it has them, which translates into the need to expel on a physical level all that no longer serves us.

To reduce discomfort it is advisable to enjoy outdoor walks, exercise, and drinking liters and liters of water, eating healthier, resting more, etc, The idea is simple, to help our body to regain balance and to recharge with new energy as soon as possible. Nothing that is strange or difficult to accomplish.

Emotional purification

Strongly rooted emotions can appear for no reason: exasperation, anger, frustration, sadness, etc. These emotions come to the surface because they have been repressed or half-covered for a long time, and by doing the cleansing we are eliminating them. Try not to feel affected by what you are “feeling”, don’t blame yourself or try to look for causes beyond letting those emotions exhaust their emotional burden and finally your emotional body get rid of them forever.

To facilitate the process, learn to relax, meditate, breathe calmly, give yourself relaxing baths, enjoy what you like most, etc. The goal is to let those emotions go as smoothly as possible.

Mental purification

Behavior patterns, ancient thoughts, habits and customs we thought were banished can come back to surface. Sometimes we can become addicted again to eating something nonstop, smoking, drinking something, etc. It’s the same process as before. What we had half buried in our mental body is finally coming to the surface and dissipating, making us feel again for some time those same effects and sensations that appeared at the time those blockages, patters, traumas, etc., were created. Also, all kinds of negative thoughts (guilt, abuse, constant judgment of others, victimization, etc) can come out again during the cleansing process. Remember, we’re sweeping the house, and we’re not putting the dust under the carpet again, but we’re taking it out so it won’t bother us again.

Don’t be hard on yourself when you notice feeling these things. Simply recognize, validate, and letting them go is what needs to be done. Change your impulses to do something “harmful” for something else that makes you feel better. Be gentle with yourself, do things that will make you feel good, repeat positive affirmations, meditate, listen to music, etc.

Spiritual purification / causal body

Your beliefs can be removed from their deepest foundations. The way you see the world can change, everything you thought was one way at a time turns out to be another. Your way of understanding how relationships between people work, religions, what is important to yourself, what you thought was solid as a rock, everything can turn around when there is a deep cleansing of stagnant energies at the spiritual level.

When this happens, it’s as they open our eyes, as if we had access to another higher plane of vision from which we see things differently. New revelations and intuitions come and go, new ideas replace the old ones. Our world is transformed, and we can feel disoriented as that transformation is taking place.

To mitigate those effects, talk about all this with people who can understand you or have been through something like this, read books which increase your “spiritual” vision of life, listen to music that transports you to higher frequencies and makes you feel good, and take care of yourself a lot. The process of transforming old beliefs and limitations is normal, and it doesn’t have to be dramatic, again, you’re just letting go what’s no longer good for you to reach a new level.

If you are in the middle of an energetic cleansing process, following some therapy, and you see yourself reflected in some of this, realize that it is normal, that it is a period of positive change, and that once you have integrated all these new energies, you will feel much better and renewed.

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