One of the most common problems in the blockages and restrictions that appear in all energy “readings” with the Akashic Healing technique I teach, are what we call “energetic hooks” with other people. These hooks work the way shown in the figure below, and are like cords plugged into our energy system created by third parties that extract all or part of our chakra energy to which they are associated, causing two things: problems derived from chakra malfunction and a “virus-type” program which is also generated from the person who creates them.


Hooks are usually created unconsciously, when a person close to us projects his fears, emotions, worries, etc, upon us, with intensity enough so that it is as if he throws a rope with a hook that is anchored to the chakra of the person who receives it. Through that “rope” begins to circulate that negative program that is generated in the person who created the coupling, and which manifests in our aura as all kinds of negative emotions, creating after by themselves, if they have strength enough, negative thought forms we already explained in this other article.

Since these kind of couplings are unconscious, it is difficult to avoid or notice them. We know that we feel this or that way with such person, family member or friend, but we don’t know why. We sense there’s something going on, but we don’t know what. We notice it makes us feel in some way when we are with him or her, but we do not find an explanation, and finally, unconsciously sometimes, we try to avoid that person because it does not give us “good vibrations” or because we do not feel 100% comfortable in his/her company. There may be many levels of affectation, and we can all have tens of hookups with tons of people, even we may have projected our own upon the people around us, and be transmitting to them our negative thoughts and emotions without realizing it.

In any case, being aware of that feeling can already help us to identify and release it; if you feel that way with someone, pay attention to thoughts and emotions that assault you in their presence, and let your intuition guide you about it, because we may be unconsciously generating problems in other people or they may be generating them to us. Human interaction is inevitable, but we should not project into each other what is inside each one of us. It’s better to heal and transmute it, not send it to others.