During every reading session using the Akashic Healing tecnique I teach, a part of it is intended to find out the person’s blockages or energetic problems, so to discover that we can heal and eliminate at that moment. One of the most noticeable restrictions and blockages, with the simple fact that once it’s been eliminated seems to have a big change in the person who had it, is what we would call an energetic shield.

Protected behind a wall

We call shields or energetic facades to those protections that our soul and/or our subconsciouss mind creates in order to feel more secure or sheltered in the process of initiating a new incarnation, or sometimes after some event that affects us deeply in our lives. These protections are really like an energetic wall that surrounds the innermost core of our energy but, in the same way that prevents a certain negative energy from affecting us, it also does not allow the inner potential of the soul and the person to come out. The reason why a soul, or personality at the subconscious level, decides to use this protection depends on its strength or level of security that the spirit has over its physical periods, and how comfortable it sits in a body. It is like putting on a neoprene suit to feel more protected, but that obviously also limits us in our movements.

Since childhood

We could even generate this shield at the time of birth, because the process of entering the physical body and reducing the frequency of energy of the soul can be somewhat complicated and many souls decide to “over protect” themselves, so it is common to find that, as adults, people have taken this kind of armor for all their lives without realizing it. It is also possible for our soul to use it in traumatic moments or those perceived as potentially harmful or in dangerous instances, so without the conscious mind noticing, internally we have created this shield that tries to prevent certain energies to affect us again.

It can also happen that we put an energetic wall around a chakra, usually the heart chakra is prone to it, if we have had some strong emotional problem, so the energy and functioning of this chakra can be affected. Such walls are not psychological protections, the kind for burying a problem deep inside our mental body, but energy protections, although in some cases the effects may be similar.

Limiting our Potential

When we put this type of armor or energetic walls, it does not only prevent the energies of the outside to affect us, but we block our energies from manifesting and functioning properly. This greatly limits our potential of what we really are at the level of spirit, of soul. It can not project out with all its light and power to the outside, because this “neoprene suit” that we wear prevents it. That is why when we release ourselves from this shell, it is as if we could expand, go further, feel more spacious and free, and simply make us notice it and let out 100% of the energy that we carry inside. Basically I believe that it is a kind of liberation, suddenly “something” that we noticed inside and that contained us without knowing what it was, has disappeared and that breaking down allows us to be what we are at 100% of our potential.