Every time I go somewhere to take a course, I pay attention to what I perceive in my own energetic connection with, especially, my Higher Self. I’m used to noticing, for example, in the big cities, more difficulties or more heaviness in the channel that we all have with that part of us that is not incarnated, and comes as a surprise, sometimes to find yourself in depending on what sites, that “heaviness” does not exist or is very attenuated.

And it’s that the environment in which we live, being a medley of electromagnetic fields closing everywhere has a large part of the guilt in the success and clarity with which we can obtain good results in the channels, meditations, readings of Records, Etc. It is not only that we have by default and worked that connection on our own, is that our energy field is literally “fried” by all kinds of interference 24 hours a day, some more powerful than others.

Thus, it is not surprising that accustomed to a level of “quality in connection”, well, or at least satisfactory to me, suddenly perceiving that connection 10 times cleaner and powerful one is wondering what’s going on. The answer was very simple, here where you are the interferences are minor and your energy field is less bombarded by external radiations.

No wonder it’s better to go to the field or the mountain to do these things, when you can!