Our current evolutionary level and what we know as “reality” is strongly determined by what we perceive through our five senses, based on them all the measurements, analyses, observations and structures that make up science and what we consider to be “real”, objective, measurable and true. Millions of people on our planet do not believe, or do not give validity to anything that is not within the parameters that we can observe and define with some instrument or experiment based on the rules we know that give us a way to understand the world in which we live.

If I don’t see it, or I can’t measure it, I don’t believe it.

Everything that is outside of our primary perception of our senses or its extension through the machines or objects we invent to extend its reach (because there are things we cannot hear, see, notice, etc. with the natural senses but we know that they are real and objective because we have machinery and technology to study them and know that they follow the same rules that mark the rest of the structure of our physical plane that if we see or measure) usually has the label of mystic, esoteric or metaphysical.

To me these terms do not bother me at all because I do not consider them as a label for something “abstract”, but to define something that simply belongs to real science and as objective as ours, but of a higher frequency reality.

Everything we can measure and consider as science or at least admitted within the scientific paradigm, falls within the three close-ups or frequency level of the physical plane. When we divide into those seven great levels the structure of our Milky Way (and other galaxies too), the densest part corresponds to the physical plane and if we subdivide that denser part into its different sub-levels, we, humans, we only work or take for granted, in many cases, everything that falls on the solid, liquid and gaseous level and we stop taking seriously, (or not so seriously), all the forces, laws and structure of what is in the higher levels, starting with the four sub-planes of the etheric plane

(that even in many cases we can observe indirectly or analyze because they are forces and energies invisible to the human eye, but with a direct impact on our plane), or the following planes or frequent realities such as the astral, the mental and the higher plane.

Each plane with its own “science”

Everything has its structure and its objective science at its own level of existence and every being that lives or exists at higher levels than ours has its own rende of etheric, astral or mental laws for making an analogy with physical laws which unequivocally mark the frequency reality of that same level. Therefore, there is no anarchy in Creation, there is structure fractal in many cases from higher to lower levels (in frequency) and you would only have to “move” to that frequency level to begin to exist with those laws and rules and be able to measure, analyze and test them with the instruments and senses that belong in their own right to those who exist at that level.

That’s why when we talk about spiritual laws, we can almost certainly think that for us, even if they are “abstract”, mystical or esoteric concepts, they are really laws in the most pure sense of the word that are fulfilled to the letter, can be demonstrated, measured and repeated, regardless of the level at which they are born.

-Realities further and further away from the physical plane, each with its own structure, and further and further away from human understanding.

-Frequency reality (n+2). All the structure, rules and laws of this level are just as real and measurable from this same level as those of lower levels. Each inferior reality is a subset of a group of laws, rules and systems completely structured and defined.

-Upper frequency reality (n+1). It has its own set of laws, rules and structure. The “science” of this level, what is measurable and tangible for what exists in this plane is “mystical” and “esoteric” for the lower plane.

-Physical plane: science of the five senses and of “tangible” and measurable reality. It includes the science of the solid, liquid and gaseous planes, and in some cases, the study of the forces that operate from the etheric plane and that are observed in the physical plane. It is a reflection of the laws and structure of a higher plane or reality.

Each plane, a subset of the upper plane

The rules and structure that mark the rules of existence and manifestation of a plane, depend directly on the rules and structure of the immediately higher plane. The fact that we doubt whether telepathy exists or whether there is instant manifestation from the power of intent, matters nothing to somebody who knows how to walk the astral plane mentally or above, where precisely telepathic communication is the norm or the use of the power of intent (something so abstract and so unmeasurable) is the mechanism of reality creation. A very little or so would we think about it if a stone asked us how it is possible to move from one point to another in space in a certain time, because the laws of mechanics and movement are completely unknown to the stone, even if it is objective and defined science, but a purely mystical concept for a level of consciousness that must remain in the same place for a millennia without being able to move. When someone takes a stone and moves it in a “magic” way (for the stone), it feels the same as when you project yourself to other realities with the help of the beings of those realities and you are not able to explain how you have done it or where the hell you have been to, just as the stone cannot understand the process of being lift (being taking from the ground), being moved and transported elsewhere and being re-deposited in a completely different environment.

So, we consider esoteric or mystical things that are pure science at the higher levels, but of which, we only perceive a small glimpse, a limited sub-set of rules and energies that govern them. The study of metaphysics, the subject of what I have been behind since I started this blog, is to understand that “science” and structure of the higher levels as far as human understanding of the physical level allows me, because as you rise in vibration towards higher and higher levels, it becomes more difficult to put into “human” words and structures that which governs the existence of those planes. But everything has structure, everything has rules and everything has laws that perfectly govern every level of creation, only that from the lowest level we are at, we can’t understand it, we can’t measure it and we can’t analyze it. Don’t try to convince the stone that you can’t fly and that time and space are not as she understands them because you’ll still have the label of “being magica and esoteric” until that stone reaches your level. Just remember how limited its perception was at its evolutionary level at some point.