We all have the ability to see the aura, that electromagnetic field surrounding us; this is something we already know, but for most this ability has weakened and become dormant; notwithstanding this atrophy, it is something that we have present. You don’t need to be a psychic to perceive the subtle bodies we are made of, it just requires a lot of work, patience, and perseverance to regain the eyesight necessary to perceive this energy which is much more subtle.

Seeing the etheric body

When we begin practicing to develop aural vision, the easiest thing to see is the etheric or vital layer of the aura. This is the least subtle layer, appearing as a very shiny field about two centimeters thick, really easy to perceive. We shall try to avoid casting doubts, like “am I really seeing something?”, lest the mind will immediately filter out the information transmitted from our eyes, disbelieve what we perceive, and end up blocking the “data”, them, when the mind recreates the original image that is in front of us, we’ll “see” nothing.

The best way to start is asking someone to help us, or we can try on our own standing in front of a mirror with a white background, to prevent any color distraction or background confusion. A dim light in the room where we choose to train will help too. Initially, the idea is to activate, step by step, with the aid of candle light, the visual cones required to perceive this energy.

Take a candle and place it between you and the other person (or mirror), look at the candle until your eyes grow tired, and you have the urge to blink. This will gradually activate the peripheral vision, which is required for this exercise, and you’ll see how the flame in the candle seems to expand, enlarge or change its shape.

Looking at the person

Once we’ve practised a little with the candle, we can look directly at the person. The best place to fix our sight is where the third eye of that person is located, between the eyebrows, and then look using peripheral vision until we notice how a luminous halo appears around the body. With time and practice, the more we train, relax, and focus, the more subtle layers will reveal. The exercise I described is only the start to reactivating aural vision, after that and over time, you’ll discern colors, shapes, etc. I am still practicing how to perceive subtler energetic layers, but it didn’t take long for me to perfectly see the etheric body of a person, simply by blurring eyesight a little. It’s a matter of patience and perseverance.