I’ve almost finished reading Terence McKenna’s book “True Hallucinations” these days, really a good book if you’re interested in seeing the effects of all kinds of mushrooms and hallucinogenic plants on a group of hippies from the 1970s, during a long expedition through the Amazon in order to discover the secrets of the shamans of the local tribes and the origin of their powers and abilities.

I have no idea how the book got to my E-reader. I have over 600 books stored pending to read and I always use the “random” function to choose what book could be useful at every moment to learn a little more, so I put the list in random mode and the first one that comes out is the one I start reading. In this case it was the life of Terence and his brother Dennis. They were two of the people who had the most influence on the development of the whole “end of the world” phenomenon 2012 because of their experiences with all sorts of substances and plants they were given around the 1970s. Visions and revelations of what was to happen to Earth. About the rest, we already know how it was.

Excursions to expanded planes of consciousness

The most interesting thing about a book is when it makes you think, and while I was reading the descriptions of the expanded states of consciousness in which they entered, the visions, the complete distortion of reality, the connections with those other planes, etc., I put myself in the position of imagining what the perception would be of the world without the restrictions of the physical body and mind, basically restricted by the configuration in our DNA which limits us to such a narrow frequency range that we can’t even see, most of us, our own aura or the neighbor’s aura.

However, the planes that surround us on this very Earth are many and are divided into multiple planes.

sublevels. If Terence McKenna in his DMT was able to connect with the planetary mind by breaking all the restrictions of the mind even though it cost him dearly physically speaking (his brother Dennis had “disappeared” according to the book out of all connection with reality for more than a month after one of his experiments inhibited any defensive response of the body against the substances they were taking). It is true that a little beyond the scope often perceived by our senses there coexist numerous morphic fields and frequency planes that may be accessible to a trained mind while in deep meditative processes.

I have no experience with plants or mushrooms, but when I read things like these I try to find out more by “asking” in meditation, what we call the Higher Self, or trying to connect at a subconscious and at unconscious level with the different levels that energetically are “perceived” by me. So, with practice, I have created my own scheme about what is just outside of my frequency range but that my subconscious is able to perceive, or at least able to “know” that this out “there”.

Morphic fields at different levels

I’m not talking here about higher planes, the highest levels of our planet as the astral plane, deva-chanico or mental, nor superior, but sub-planes of energy within the “physical” plane of reality mind has access just below the mental processes we are aware of.

To me, and this doesn’t mean it’s right, I get dozens of different levels of “morphic fields”, but some of them I’m not able to identify them or associate them with anything personally known. What if I have understood it is that, for example, to be able to work with the elementary energies of the nature (water, fire, earth, air), one must tune into the morphic field of these rocks and minerals that are located in the lower part of the so-called etheric plane, and to be able to work with the elementals of the flora and fauna, and being able to perceive gnomes, devas, ondinas, etc., one must be able to perceive the morphic fields of these kinds of beings attending the planet. Some people are able to do it or there are those who only see or connect with them with a good dose of DMT and other substances.

For me it’s still a theoretical knowledge, I know it’s there, but I don’t have any practical experience about it because in the states I enter when I start meditating, I connect with my Higher Self or what I call my guides and here my consciousness or perception expands “towards above,” when, I think if I want to perceive the levels or planes I have below me, that my unconscious mental processes already perceive, I might have to expand “horizontally,” but I don’t know how.

Anyway, I’ll see if I finish this book and see what other things I find out about these shamanic journeys of the McKenna brothers, I will see if they give me clues to better understand those other levels of reality so close but so hidden to all of us.