On many occasions, when we make energetic healings, small entities appear attached to the energy system of a person who are nourished by the energy of the auric field of the person as a means of subsistence.

This kind of small “bugs”, in most cases, do not have excessive power, in fact, it is difficult to categorize if they are considered entities of an evolutionary level that would not even be self-conscious entities, but rather energetic forms that they just go where they find a compatible energy, like flies to honey.

Resistance to being expelled

Basically, what I was going to say is that sometimes “it’s hard to get rid of them, at least using the tools that I work with, and in these cases what I’m doing is completely eliminate the” food source “which nourish them”. In other words, if this little astral parasite (or wherever it comes from), is feeding on negative thoughts (the most common), the tactic that best gives results is eliminating all negative thinking, whatever it may be, which is nothing more than a “ball” or as I say, A goop of plasticine in any of the chakras or subtle bodies. When transmuting or eliminating the main food source (or all that there is), there is no energetic compatibility between the mini-entity and the person’s energy system, which makes it easy to remove the anchor or expel it.

Simply a small technique for those who work with these elements, if you resist any of these bugs, find out what nourishes it, eliminate the energy that provides them to hook and sustenance, and then you can get rid of it off easily.