External Systems: bodies and layers of the energy system along the evolutionary path


Sometimes it is an odyssey to reconcile the terminologies of those sources that explain the components of the human being, especially when the same word is used to designate different things. It is not surprising that we are totally confused about what a book is talking about with regard to a term, when in another book with the same term is referring to something different.

Internal Systems vs. External Systems

In the course of Akashic healing when we study the energy system to explain the matter in relation to the energy blocks, we talk about internal systems when we want to refer to the components of the human being that exist while we are alive, and these include for example the chakras or the layers of the aura, the tantiens, the channels system and some subtle bodies. And we talk about external systems when we refer to those parts of our being that “survive” after the death of the organic body we are occupying. We will now see the external systems and its evolution through thedifferent “densities” or evolutionary levels.

The four bodies of the human being

At this current level, we are “made of” or constituted by four subtle bodies joined to the organic physical body we are occupying as receptacle: the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body and the causal or spiritual body. The spiritual body is directly the costume that the soul uses between lives as the only “coating”, and the etheric body is the energetic wrapping that covers the physical and organic vehicle that we are occupying. This definition is the one made by “terrestrial” sources like Gurdjieff, as well as sources “channelled” like those transmitted by Barbara Brodsky.

Those who are interested in astral projection issues, or out-of-body exits, you know that the names of holochakra, psychosoma, mentalsoma and alma are also used for these four bodies or layers, being the “soma”, the physical body (especially in the science ofprojectiology)


When leaving the body, the first thing “left” back is the energy of the energetic body or holochakra, which remains active around it, and we project with the psychosoma (emotional body), mentalsoma (mental body) and of course with the causal body and the soul that we really are. Many times, we use the term astral body to refer to the whole of these last three bodies, which are the ones with which normally we project in a whole ourselves, but the astral body, as such, would only correspond to the definition of emotional body.


© IAC – Astral projection of Psychosoma + Mentalsoma

The problem comes with the terminology we use to define the components of the energy system of the physical body, as I said in the introduction, because we also call “bodies” to the 7 layers of the Aura, which, in fact, is a component of the Etheric structure we possess. So, we speak of etheric body as the first layer of the aura, emotional body as the second, mental body the third, astral body the fourth, transetheric body the fifth, heavenly body the sixth layer and ceteric or spiritual body the seventh. It is not strange to face problems in order to know what we are talking about in each case or how all these components are related. Other authors speak of “varnas” for the layers of the aura, and of “bodies” for the “layers” of the energy system.


Aura Layers , belong exclusively to the energetic system of the etheric body

In our current level, the emotional body is the principal leader of our life, because the emotions are to an important extent people’s drivers of our current behaviour and current learning, then to a less important extent, the mental body is what influences our behaviour patterns and the ideas, beliefs and thoughts that we have and generate. Since we are also in a very solid density, is the energetic body, etheric or holochakra the responsible for interacting mainly with the physical suit, which is the human body that we use.

Gradual loss of the emotional body in the following levels of consciousness

Once promoted to the next level, whatever it is, the evolutionary work made by the soul does not need any more of a physical vehicle as “solid” as the one we know at our current level, the keyword here is “variable physical environment”, partially “etheric”, so the soul simply needs a energy system less dense and higher in in vibration, with an etheric body, covered by the emotional, mental and causal body. The emotional and mental projections are those that constitute the reality at this level, but it is worked in the gradual dissolution of the emotional body through the lessons of love and compassion, towards a predisposition in which the emotions do not permit, manifest or dominate the behaviour of the entity as they do in the current reality.

The evolutionary work of higher levels, being the wisdom and the knowledge the main lessons of these levels, are based on the progressive work with the mental body, and the total dissolution of the emotional body, as preparation for the promotion towards ” steps of consciousness ” where only the mental part of what we are predominates. It is a process that lasts eons, and the human being just starts its journey to the jump to a higher level even within the same evolutionary level “3D” in which we are, so we have a long way to walk as a species before these changes take place.

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