False-flag operations is the name given to terrorist attacks or episodes usually provoked by illegal and secret operations performed by the same governments which suffer them, blaming third parties in order to create excuses and situations to enable offering the solution those “self-attacked” wanted to impose. Examples of false flags attacks are for example (and to demonstrate this every time there is more documentation and more data) the attacks on September 11 to the World Trade Center, metro stations and bus attacks in London, the 11-M in Madrid, the Mumbai attacks in India, U.S. embassy bombings in Africa some years ago, etc., etc., etc.

Problem- Reaction – Solution

False-flag operations are designed to cause a reaction that allows justifying an intervention or a response previously prepared, to cover up another and much more important situation to be hidden from the people in general, or to hide traces of what there’s no interest to be known. These operations are, many times, ordered and conducted from the highest political or military spheres of the governments or secret services, and are normally called Black Ops.


The fact Al-Qaeda is an invention from the CIA and related agencies is known worldwide, except for those who don’t want to open their eyes to anything but the reality sold to us on television. Al-Qaeda is a concept, a network created to justify actions anywhere because, as it is very well known, this alleged terrorist organization has got cells in every place where is necessary, making it very convenient an intervention wherever a cell exists. The intervention in Afghanistan doesn’t have as its sole purpose defeating this presumed network and its followers (the taliban), but to control the area a very important strategic point- and, in turn, take advantage from the opium farming to do some business (drugs are one of the biggest sources of funding within Black Ops). Al-Qaeda is a perfect example of a false-flag operation, each and every action assigned to this organization has been planned, financed and sometimes executed by the same governments which fight against them.

Somalian pirates

Another example is what has been going on over more than a year with somalian piracy. Either Somalia and Yemen (will comment later about it) an important country located in one of the current danger zones of the globe: The Gulf of Aden. Being controlled from London and Washington, these alleged pirates are no more than false-flag operations to create fear, and to achieve little by little the transit over that heavily controlled maritime zone of less and less ships, as more and more war vessels from many countries (USA, UK, China, Japan, Germany, NATO, etc.) gain positions in that area. What for? It appears that area is also a very important place because of many reasons that escapes from this posting, and have its roots in the so called Philadelphia Experiment. So, assaults to “normal” ships aren’t only destined to get money from rescues, but to dissuade a good part or maritime traffic not to pass through there.


Another even more recent example of false-flag operations we find that happened during Christmas on the Detroit flight in which a presumed terrorist was granted to get onboard without a passport and “tried” to blow it up. A media operation was immediately launched to link this alleged terrorist with Yemen, a country that appears to be the place of scenery for the next “hot spot” on the planet. Yemen is precisely the country located in front of Somalia, key to control the strait of Aden.

Over its waters there’s a military controlled zone, and for some governments it’s crucial to maintain control of that area. Many military “traitors” have begun to alert about the next wave of false-flag attacks to hit different places in the world (maybe USA again) in order to allow a large scale invasion of this area.

To be informed

All this does not come out of nowhere, Google, YouTube, independent newspapers, brave journalists, etc., dare to investigate until the last consequences, to check and make it known, otherwise we would never now the other side of the coin, of everything they are selling to us in the news. I hereby invite everybody to spend a few hours looking into the web, forming your own opinions and giving value to what it is said from one side and the other one. And then, let everyone believe what they want.