Discovering and enhancing your innate talents and abilities is something that we all consider extremely important for our personal development. Knowing what we are worth naturally is something that we can find out through tools such as the Gallup Talents test, for example, and that gives us back, from a list of 34 possible skills, those 4 or 5 in which we stand out above the others.

A talent is a concept

The main talents or innate abilities that each one of us has do not happen to be more than a set of personal characteristics and ways of doing the things that make us good in that particular area. But a talent without a practical specification is no more than a concept of knowing how to be good in a certain field that is still too generic to allow us to produce practical results of its application in our life. Being happy with the selection of our talents and not finding the adequate channel to express them is almost as useless as not doing anything.

Discovering that you are a marvel in “communication” but not knowing how to put it into practice leaves us just as stagnant as not knowing it, and hence the need to take a step forward to find the right channel for how we are and what we do.

Find possible channels

The implementation of a skill can take different forms, and even when they are all related to something we are good at, not all of them will be equally interesting to us to make it the main vehicle for the expression of what we are. Exploring, for example, all the possible applications of a talent such as communication, we can find jobs or activities as diverse as:









• ….

Although we can be good communicators, we will not work equally well in all of these professions, since it depends on many other factors that we feel comfortable or not in with them. Our character includes other facets that will decide and limit our selection to probably a maximum of two or three options from the previous list.

Combining to find your ideal profession

If you are clear on which ones are your three or four main skills, I recommend you to subdivide each of them into 6 or 7 applications / practical professions that you can find as we have done with the previous example. For each of your talents, choose only the three activities that attract you the most and you like, so that in total you have about 15. Check if one of them repeats or if they are very similar, so that you can clearly see that in this profession you can apply two or more of your talents. You’ll gradually reduce those groups that would be complementary or similar, or run them in parallel if it’s necessary (for example, you can be a journalist and a blogger at the same time, but maybe being a full-time teacher and presenter is not so easy to combine).

The objective is that you find one or two main channels of expression from your potentials, those that are the most suitable and are absolutely everything you know and like to do. Maybe you want to get your ideas known, but you do not want to hear anything about sitting all day long in front of a computer to write a book, as your communication skills are oriented to stay in front of an audience to make people laugh during a funny show. If you do not clearly see your ideal channel of expression, you will never consider that being on that scenario will make you happier, no matter how many books you want to write, you probably will be leaving them off in the first chapter. On the other hand, you may like writing so much that you would spend hours at the keyboard, but you do not have the patience to show out your work to the world, so being a writer does not serve you as a channel of expression, because a book may take a while to be published. In this case, working on a digital newspaper or working as a blogger would make you happier.

A practical example

Personally, “communicating” is one of my strengths, as well as the desire to always be learning something, to motivate others to achieve their goals, as well as the organization and the initiation of new projects (these all come from my personal work). A combination of all these factors and the previous breakdown has led me to look for a practical application that fulfills the criteria of immediacy when expressing myself, flexibility and freedom of access to the information I need and ease to give free rein to the will to create.

Putting all together, my personal and professional development led to created several seminars, especially one about how to find your life mission, through which I can help people to reorient their professional career and personal life and learn how to live what they really enjoy doing. In this case, these courses have become the ideal channel of everything that I am. It was not easy to get here, but it started as any of us would start, as I said at the beginning of this post. Find your strengths, and then get to work on them until you define the best way of expressing everything your inner self can give to this planet.