There is a small exercise that is magnificent to establish objectives and feel how they have manifested in our future, in our particular and individual timeline. It has no difficulty, and when done well, the results can be very interesting.

It is about finding and visualizing a conversation with our “future Self”.

Setting goals

Imagine that you are clear about a couple of medium-term objectives, say a year. If you do not have anything in mind that you would like to have or be in that year, now is a good time to ask yourself what your goals are in any area of your life. These objectives can be as personal and as concrete as you wish, and it is better to keep them for yourself and not share them, so that no one can in any way try to influence them.

Talking to our future Self

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, breathe until you calm down and relax, and imagine that you are in a room where there are a couple of chairs. You sit in one, and visualize how another person arrives and sits in front of you. It’s you, but in a year. With no hurry, stop to observe yourself in your mind, how are you, how do you dress, what emotions do you radiate or give off, what do you see about yourself.

Say hello to your future self, tell her/him to explain everything you have achieved this year and how you have done it. What things have happened to make you feel this good now, how did you achieve those goals? Your future self is happy to tell you everything, She/He transmits the sensations, images, words or emotions you have, the message that can give you. Try to perceive in your mind anything that comes to you, without any haste.

Your future Self radiates the feeling and confidence of having achieved these goals completely and it shows in the energy that it gives off. Ask your future Self for permission to feel that energy, which you receive with pleasure, and imagine that you get up from your chair and “integrate” into the character that you are within a year. Your conscience now is the consciousness of someone who has achieved what was proposed and who radiates the happiness and potential that she/he has for having done it and knowing that can continue to do so.

Now perceive how is that energy that you are releasing, how do you feel having achieved what you wanted, and imagine that you get up again and you put yourself back in your chair, returning to your present Self, looking at your future Self, but having incorporated in you those new vibrations and energy. Enjoy it, take a deep breath, and leave the visualization. Write down everything you have perceived and felt.

Repetitions and details

If the first time nothing comes out, do not worry, repeat this as many times as you want until you get the sensations and information you consider appropriate. The more times you repeat it, the more details you can give yourself about your path in the medium term. Remember that you are creating your own future, your own timeline of events, no one has to interfere in it or deviate from it, except your own decisions and changes you decide to make. Continue to ask your future Self and bring back the magnificent feeling of having achieved what you wanted. And do not forget to take notes, to see within a year, if you have managed to become as you had seen when you chatted with yourself, 12 months ago.