We always wonder what it is that we really have come to do in this world. There are thousands of people desperately searching for meaning in their life, trying to find the purpose behind the place they were born in, the specific qualities and traits they possess, and how to use them wisely for their own as well as the common good. One of the ways to find out which is that unique contribution we have come to do for mankind, is by figuring out what it is that we really enjoy doing.

What we were born to do is that which we are happy working at. It may be as simple as helping others do something, or collaborating in social well-being, helping nature or the planet, etc. It is always something we have innate qualities for and that which makes us feel useful, happy and fulfilled. Some find their life mission when they are young, others later on, and others may never find it; however, guided by their intuition they end up carrying it out.

When we do that we have come to do on the planet, life feels easier and things come to us with less effort as we are aligned with the trends and dynamics which help us carry out the things we have come to do. The material resources needed to perform our task appear everywhere and we are happier.

Finding out what our mission is, is a question many people ask themselves in many different ways. On a spiritual level there are different paths to come to an awareness of it. One of them is visiting the files or the akashic record each of us has within our Higher Self. There you can search in what symbolizes the “book of your life”, connected to higher parts of yourself, perceiving your mission and lessons that you have come here to do and learn. Another way is simply through a fluid communication with your Higher Self, your intuition, conscience, soul, all that which represents what we are on levels different to the physical one. Observing your thoughts and feelings in each of the things you do, and figuring out that which makes you feel extremely happy and fulfilled. Listen to your thoughts to discover the messages your subconscious mind sends you so that you can act in consequence. Follow these indications always and your Higher Self will put you on the path you are meant to take.

In addition, there is another way of consciously discovering what we are meant to do. It is a simple meditation exercise which I have done today and it has provided me with a truly gratifying result, both because I did not expect it and because of what I have gained from it. It is about obtaining a symbol which represents our life mission. Once relaxed, we have to ask our spiritual guides, the “Universe”, our Higher Self or our favourite deity for a symbol representing that which we have come here to do. Take any image that appears clearly in your mind, ask for confirmation that is the symbol you are looking for and not a mere intrusion of thought. Ask to “feel” it is correct (you know, when you feel absolutely certain that something is ’like that’, not any other way; then that is correct). Take the symbol in your hands.

With the symbol in your hands imagine a mountain, lay the symbol on the very top and imagine a path leading you to it. Start walking, climbing the mountain, as a representation you are progressing through the right way towards your target. Reach the top, pick up your symbol and merge with it. Then simply ask the Universe to start or continue sending you those situations and people that will contribute to the realization of your mission in this incarnation and keep going and moving towards it. At the end, the rewards and whatever you need will come and appear in your reality by the same mechanism that governs the conscious creation of it. It always work, trust the process.