As the sessions go by, it becomes easier and faster to reach the levels of relaxation and concentration required. The third session of the album Discovery was, at the beginning, about learning a new tool, but at the end of it I had a very nice surprise.

Once I’ve created my “box of worries”, leaving all my thoughts in it, and reaching Focus 10, with the body deeply asleep and my mind awake, the tape guided me to use the energy of the inhalation in the process of the first breathing to create a ball, a shield, a balloon of energy around me. This was basically going to fulfill two main functions: firstly to keep all my energy, auric field, wellness, etc., inside and around me, and secondly to prevent that external energies from other people and things, affected me.

In another post I wrote about giving and receiving energy. This is a tool for our daily life because you can create that energetic “shield” whenever you want to feel protected. You just have to want it, visualize it and there it is. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. The power of imagination and visualization is enough for protection to be created.

Once the session had finished, and the voice on the tape was taking me back to a wakeful state (I realized that making the sessions at night is not a good idea because when you come back from a meditative state you are not sleepy, you are full of energy, so fresh and alert, that it takes hours to fall asleep), I stayed a little while in that meditative mood. Surprisingly, all of a sudden I saw clearly in my mind the image of my little son (now he is 8 months), with the appearance he will have at two or three years old. It was beautiful, I think that was a small projection of the future. The image was bordered with a reddish blur and in the center I could see him clearly. In a few seconds it vanished and I came out completely from the meditation. Good results for this session.