Another interesting session of the Gateway Experience that hasn’t been as bad as I expected, even though I have faced the first important barrier, fear. The main goal of the session was to induce myself to the first state of consciousness from Focus 10, making it the beginning of an out of the body experience (OBE, astral projection).

Everything was going well in the preliminary steps, without any problem (the energetic trunk, resonant tuning, the protective shield and being able to Focus 10). This time I tried directly on the bed, instead of on the sofa, and it was easier for me to completely relax. The sensation in Focus 10 is like a little tingle all over the body, which I forced myself to notice and record in my mind, so I could use it later as a resource to achieve that state without any tape.

During the first moments of a brief unfoldment, imagining myself quietly floating up, fear showed up strongly on my mind, irrational and without any reason. I understand that it came from a possible fear to the unknown in what we call the “astral plane”. Anyway, I already knew what was going to happen, and I had to master it in a certain way, so I started talking to myself. I told myself that it was not rational, that if I would find some entity once I was outside my body, it would be a friend, that I had an energetic balloon protecting me and that I shouldn’t be afraid.

In all the books, courses and techniques on projections outside the body it is always the same barrier that determines the results: fear. But I remembered the books of Robert Monroe, in which he talks about how he always ends up overcoming this obstacle, and how you realize that there was nothing to fear.

So, since I was not able to “float” on my own, my mind has done it for me. The imagination is almost as powerful as the real experience, and of that I have no fear, since I have flown and I have visualized myself thousands of km away many times, I have made visits to loved ones to see if they were okay, etc., just by projecting my mind. And I said to myself, well this is the same. I imagined myself watching me lying in bed, sound asleep. It is the first thing you see when you leave your body and it is one of the most frightening things, because it is part of the beliefs acquired about death, buried deep in the subconscious. To fight against that I have given priority to my left hemisphere, the analytical, the practical, and I have forced a conversation with myself again:

“This is nothing. You know that you are something more than this body and you do this process every night that you fall asleep and dream without noticing it, so now you can do it being conscious”.

In that moment the voice in the tape invited me to float a little higher. I couldn’t come out because my fears were telling me one thing and I was trying to convince myself of another. So, I’ve decided to continue going with the mental projection. This is easy for me, so I imagined myself outside of myself and going out of the window. I float. No problem, it’s just my imagination. It’s just a mental projection. I look down and see my building from outside, the window of the room where I’m asleep. And suddenly there they are. I don’t know who they are but there are several people or images in a semicircle also floating at a “safe” distance (as if they don’t want to scare me). I don’t recognize anything but the “energy” or presence of whom I call my guide, the one who responds in my meditations to assist me. My guide tells me that everything is fine and that they can help me if I overcome that first fear.

I told them than I know they can help me. I’ve read about many cases in which the help that was received from the etheric or mental plane was as if they “pull you smoothly”, but I told them mentally that if I feel “being pulled” from my body I would panic, and they said to me that they know that. And that’s why they don’t do anything. I must be the one who overcomes the obstacle.

But as my mental projection kept going and I was floating calmly outside my house, I felt the presence of something that asks me if I want help. I felt a nice feeling, I asked who is it and I felt something like Gogi (I don’t have a clue of what it is or the meaning or if it really makes sense to have felt those words). It’s a being that seems to be like a guide, and asked me if I wanted him to guide me. I said yes. But I don’t know why or where. In that moment I felt as if I was in the middle of something moving me very fast. No. What moves is the thing that is on both sides of me, like two grey walls moving at an incredible speed. I don’t catch anything.

I think I’m having some resistance and I can hear the voice on the tape encouraging me to rest in a deep and relaxing sleep. Everything disappeared and I “came down” again to where I was asleep. Actually, as I know that is my mental projection I just go back into a more awake state. I can feel my hands and arms have totally fallen asleep. I stretch, move my legs and get up. The session has finished and I feel comfortable that, at least, I could have a rational dialogue with the sensation of fear that I felt at the beginning and that previously in the first few sessions didn’t allow me to do anything. Tomorrow I will try again.