As I move forward with the tapes, the results are appearing little by little and new “revelations” are coming out. The session “release and recharge”  has so far been the most important one for me, because it has allowed me to uncover emotions and fears that I didn’t know I had.

The goal of the session is that, once you have reached Focus 10, you go back to the energetic trunk, the one you created at the beginning of each meditation. There you keep all your worries and thoughts, so they don’t bother you, and you open it again trying to identify the fears that appear in front of you.

That is to say, when you leave inside that trunk all that you have, you also leave unconscious sensations and feelings, covered and unrecognized, that take action from our subconscious. The goal is to get them free and free us from them. So, when mentally opening the lid of the trunk and recognizing the first fear that appears in front of you, you can let it out and let it float, disappearing in the air like a balloon in the sky. Whatever you fear  is it disappears and will not bother you anymore, but this is not the end.

Which is the emotion uncovered by the fear that was not allowed to express? You go back again to the trunk, open the lid and take out the emotion that you can clearly recognize, let it float and disappear. And the last step, what was the event or situation that caused that fear? When did it happen? So, you go back to the trunk, and there you find the image or sensation of what happened and what caused the burden of the fear that until this stage has remained unknown. The process of this event is not letting it disappear, in this case it’s the opposite, remove it mentally from the trunk and integrate it in us, so it can be part of our memory as one more event in our life but without any consequences.

I have repeated this session two days in a row, just to check and make sure that the fears and emotions that were cleaned one day, did not appear the next one (because they were deeply rooted or too hidden in me). I achieved to “clean” 5 fears that I didn’t know were the cause of some situations in my life. Then, the most complicated part was analyzing the emotions, because I could hardly feel them again once the session was over and I didn’t get much knowledge form this. What was really helpful for me were the images of each one of those events that generated a particular fear, most of them in my childhood, although I have the impression that one of them was coming from a past life, because I couldn’t identify absolutely anything about it.

The best of all, and completely unexpected, was that I didn’t have to strain to find those fears and get them out of the “energetic trunk”. They seemed to be waiting for me, in a row, so every time I opened the lid and the guiding voice asked me to identify my first sensation of fear, there was one already there, waiting to leave by itself.

Besides of very personal issues, I could realize that fear of success was covering the emotion of not feeling completed accepted due to an event in my childhood, in which I struggled to have relationships with other children. I saw all this on my mind, I let it go and accepted the fact. Let’s see how this is now reflected in all my projects (of course, I want them to have a huge success).