I have talked many times about the different components of the multidimensional being that we are, but I did not think I had ever done a global summary of everything and show in a schematic how they are related, so today I will do it, and as I learn more from my own existential configuration, the more I am able to extrapolate to understand the general scheme of each of us.

The different components of the multidimensional SUPRA-BEING

You already know the different names we give to the different parts of THAT WHICH WE ARE, although they differ according to the literature we read: we are part of a BEING that has a part of itself that acts as a “global” coordinator and that we call it the Higher Self. The link between the Higher Self and the soul we call it the spirit. Then the soul, has two parts, one is “static”, and we call it the “oversoul”, as it oversees the “local soul”, that each avatar, or physical  incarnation has from where we experience life in this plane and current evolutionary level in which we are.

So the schema could be this way:

Let’s start from the top again. We are all born from some Logos, or sub-source, possibly many of us around here come from the Logos or creator who is our galactic center, others will come from other different logos from any other part of the universe. Here’s an article with more details on the multiple sources from which each one us can proceed. From this logos or sub-source, the SUPRA-BEING is born, the portion of divine, cosmic, infinite energy that agglutinates all that we are, that is our hierarchy of origin for many and that defines us as parts of creation. Each SUPRA-BEING has been able to “be born” at a different level of existence in the different scales or existing evolutionary hierarchies, but as I have not yet explained much about this, and for not messing it up, let’s say that the SUPRA-BEING (and it is also correct), is near the Source from which it comes, and it is its way to meet and reintegrate with it at some point.

The incarnations, soul, oversoul and spirit all coordinated by the Higher Self

To do this, the SUPRA-BEING “needs to grow” and collect experiences, although needing is not a correct verb. You don’t need anything. But you want to experiment, you want to know and you want to grow. It is an innate and present force in all creation, in all of us to move towards something higher. So, to experience and know the creation, the SUPRA-BEING creates the Higher Self, through which as many projections are sent to “avatars” as it deems necessary in as many planes of creation as its curiosity and current potential allows.

This Higher Self acts as the part of the SUPRA-BEING that coordinates all these projections, and this Higher Self is located at the evolutionary level corresponding to the hierarchical degree granted by each SUPRA-BEING outside the space-time constraints of the structure of the place where the incarnation takes place.

From here, it is the Higher Self who acts as a repository of all the information that is collected in all the experiences that the different incarnations are having, and the SUPRA-BEING absorbs and integrates them into itself, growing, learning and evolving thanks to the work that all their projections perform on physical and non-physical planes in different races, groups, planets, solar system, evolutionary levels and hierarchies anywhere in Creation. THE SUPRA-BEING is not limited by space or time and can be projected on multiple planets in different galaxies if desired.

The links between the HS and the avatar: the spirit and the soul

To each of the projections through the HS, we call it a life or incarnation. If we take time as linear, we say that we are a soul that goes in and out of different incarnations, taking physical bodies for it and using the body as an evolutionary vehicle to be able to manage that existence. But time is not linear but simultaneous, so the scheme shows the multiple projections of the Higher Self existing at once. Since these projections, each of these lives, is a “dynamic” process, a portion of us can be found in what we call the period between incarnations, while others are currently within a physical body, which makes the concept of reincarnation is correct even though we talk about the concurrency of time (and I know this is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp by the human mind).

Everything we call past lives, are happening simultaneously because outside the perspective of this physical plane, time is not perceived as linear, so that our lives in centuries past and future are currently happening in others planes, temporal lines and realities that fall outside the sphere of perception of our consciousness (the one of the mind which is coordinated by the soul and it is managed by the body we call spirit). We all have simultaneous lives and may also be happening in this same year and in this same city, but it is not usual. If not, you can now have multiple simultaneous lives scattered around the globe and in all the historical epochs you have considered appropriate (and that is what we call past lives). There is also a difference between simultaneous lives and lives in parallel realities or timelines, but I will also leave that out of the moment.

The common psyche of the multiple incarnations

However, as you can see in the schema, all incarnations are connected to each other at multiple levels. The first one, the most obvious, is connected through the Higher Self from where all the projections come out to the lower planes. The second connection between incarnations would be made at the level of the mental plane through which all we would be interconnected with all at the level of the human race, but where we are also connected more closely with the rest of the simultaneous incarnations that we have. How can we remember information from past lives in regressive therapy? Going to that level of our Higher Self that connects with all of them.

This way, we could spontaneously sneak together knowledge, experiences and ideas that come from one of our other incarnations because the information of all of them is being shared in some kind of “common energy bank” to all portions of our HS that are embodied in the same evolutionary plane on the same planet (for example, we on Earth). The greater the “cleaning” and use of the potential we have to connect with higher planes of existence, the easier to connect with those other portions of our SUPRA-BEING and access the common memory bank that we generate among all.

Multiple and perpetual expansion

Despite of all that has been explained, the scheme above only denotes a small portion of the totality of the ramifications that our BEING makes throughout Creation, because if we try to represent it as a whole, it would have this other pint of tree root where the previous scheme only represents a small part of it although for the moment we have to be satisfied with the part of the branch in which we have to exist. We will already go into details in future articles on the subject.