In almost all books and studies on the Mayan calendar, the theme of evolutionary cycles is discussed, and the points at which, at the end of each cycle, there is a possibility of an evolutionary level jump for those who are ready for it. Those people who are at a certain level, have a predetermined time to move, which generally, in the most accepted interpretations, is divided in three cycles of 25,000 years. At the end of a cycle greater than 75,000 years, both the planet itself and those who are ready, move to a higher level or evolutionary state.

Where do these cycles come from and which is their duration?

The energies that created this dimension in which we are, this octave to which this dimension belongs, these physical systems that are in it, have a rhythm, a cadence. As if from waves coming from what we could call the “Source”, or the “ALL”, etc., this “creative” energy that flows and expands maintains a rhythm, at different frequency levels, that integrates with the different physical systems existing in the universe.

Each solar body, each planetary entity, begins a new cycle when the “corresponding” wave at a new vibrational level reaches that system or planet, and since not all celestial bodies are formed at the same time, the particular evolutionary cycles of each planet or solar system in the universe are different, because each evolutionary level only arrives when the physical system is prepared to support and provide the necessary physical vehicle for that particular energetic level that arrives to it.

The duration of these cycles is directly related to the “pulsation” of the “energy” of a certain frequency level, acting as a kind of “clock” that marks the times on our planet, in this case. Thus, the opportunity to change the vibratory level depends precisely on when that “clock” marks the appropriate “time” for it.

The last cycle

According to calculations of the Mayan calendar, the last opportunity to level up took place approximately 75,000 years ago, when on our planet the jump that would allow physical incarnations starts a higher evolutionary cycle. All those people who, at that time, they were ready to go through the cycle (official science says that there was no human conscious “evolved” in that season of the planet… but that is another story) had the opportunity to do so. Those that were not ready, have now, a priori, the opportunity for it, since again it seems that we are at the end of the third cycle of 25,000 years and, consequently, the end of the global cycle of 75,000 that gives way to that “commented” new reality, new “matrix”.

It is interesting and gives us the possibility to spin much finer looking for details about it. At the moment it is possible that with the end of this galactic cycle, many people begin to prepare for the change. When will it happen? No idea, but it’s still interesting to be completing pieces of the great puzzle in which we’re in.