My last entry on the personal development program “Gateway Experience” that I have been following for several months, goes back almost a month and a half ago in which the second block called Threshold ended.

In these past weeks, I have followed the exercises of the next level, Freedom, in which tools are explored to be able to move “freely” in Focus 12, and as an initiation into astral projection exercises. Basically, my experiences have been positive, although in the next few days I will repeat this Wave several times, since when I did some of them I had did not read the introduction (there is a little manual explaining the purpose of each session), and I was a little confused.

One of the most interesting exercises is the one called “Separation preparations“, in which you have to visualize different techniques to provoke the splitting, so that you get used to different methods, and when you try the real projection, you feel comfortable with them.

All of these techniques include displaying yourself from different positions and visualizing different movements: rolling from one side to the other (with your mental body) as a form of soft separation, imagining that you stand up slowly as if you were getting up from a chair, visualizing that you detach yourself from your physical body floating back or up, etc. As I say, these are not real projections, but visualizations of the methods to get used to them. One of the things I have noticed the most is that you need to be in an extremely deep level of relaxation, otherwise they don’t usually work out well.

I already enter into Focus 10 (sleeping body, awaken mind) quite easily, but sometimes too fast, which means that my body is not yet as relaxed as it should be, because I don’t dedicate the same time as I did in the first sessions, and I have realized that it is an important factor to consider. With regard to the rest, my feeling in Focus 12 (level of consciousness expanded beyond physical senses) is very pleasant, and often makes you desire to stay at that level for hours (which is not possible, at least for me, because as I do most exercises at night I end up falling asleep after a while).

Henceforward, comes a new level called Adventure, which also promises to be very interesting. We will see.