I started the second level of the Gateway Experience called Threshold. From now on, it is truly a step forward, as the levels of consciousness that will be reached are becoming deeper and deeper. I was pleasantly surprised to read an interview with buddhist monks a few days ago on the Monroe Institute website, in which they said that the level of consciousness that was reached in a single meditation with each of the exercises had taken them months or years of training and practice, sitting every day to meditate for hours. Technology stuff.

The first session is nothing more than an introduction to Focus 12, a level of consciousness in which you transcend, so to speak, the five senses, and in which your mind encompasses much more than you can cover and understand by the information received through normal channels. It is basically that the mind expands its potential and, released from senses restrictions, be able to perceive and explore deeper (or lighter, depending on how you look at it) levels of reality. So, in this session, what you do is go from Focus 10 (body completely asleep, mind awake and alert) to Focus 12, go and return several times to get used to the process. It’s like entering deeper relaxation phases, and it’s as easy as counting from 10 to 12 while hemi-sync sounds (the tape) take you from one state to another.

This makes it possible first, notice the difference between one state and another (it is not the same to sleep slightly as to sleep in REM phase, by analogy), and make this change consciously. Nothing special to report apart from the fact that several times my head was going to one side due to my body being really asleep, and then the reflex of getting my head straight again took me a little flip back to Focus 10. And I keep trying several ways, sitting, lying down, in lotus position, etc, because sometimes if you’re very tired you can fall asleep, and sometimes you just don’t relax enough, so it’s a matter of finding at every moment the physical posture that can be most useful to us in these sessions.