As I mentioned in the previous article, last night I started with the first part of the program. It was almost two months that I didn’t meditate seriously, so it took me a little while to find myself relaxed and comfortable enough, to begin with. Once I had the right position, and I hit the “play”, it went really well.

For those of you who do not know it, The Gateway Experience is a special version of Gateway Voyage program, which is taught by the Monroe Institute (if you haven’t read Robert Monroe’s books on his experiences with astral travel and OBEs (Out of Body Experience), I recommend it). It is basically the home version of it, designed to be followed individually.

In total there are six “stages” each with 6 exercises or sessions. Sequentially, they are called: Threshold, Freedom, Adventure, Exploring, Prospecting and Odyssey. Each mp3 file and each album contains a specific pattern whose objective is that you experience a concrete level or state of consciousness.

How does it work technically?

I’ll briefly tell you what it says in the description of the program.

The process, called Hemi-Sync, uses sound pulses to create equal electric waves in frequency and amplitude in both hemispheres of the brain. What Hemi-Sync does is send to each ear a wave that is received by the opposite hemisphere, following the same pattern. Thus, by sending separate impulses to each ear (through the headphones), both sides of the brain act in unison to hear a “third sign”, which is the frequency difference between the frequencies of the signals of each ear.

That is if you hear a sound of 100 Hz. in one ear and another of 125 Hz in the other, the signal that our brain generates will be of 25 Hz. This third signal is “the binaural beat”, which induces a certain state of consciousness to the brain as a whole, being able to go from very deep to very light.

The most important thing is that this state of mind can be reproduced at will without the help of hemi-sync, simply entering deeper and deeper meditative states, but it is a help and leads you more quickly to test different levels of consciousness.

So what I did yesterday was start with the first of the sessions, called Orientation, which provides you with the tools that will be used throughout the different steps. The first exercise invites you to mentally create an Energy Conversion Box, like a large and heavy box, where at the beginning of each session you imagine leaving inside that box all your problems and everyday affairs that may bother you. You mentally close that box and leave aside the day-to-day worries while the meditation lasts. Next, you start with a breathing technique called “resonant tuning”, in which for each inspiration you imagine inhaling fresh and clean energy into your body, and for each breath, expelling the used energy through toning with your voice.

Finally, your mind reaches the first level of consciousness, called Focus 3. Still too light, but basically the starting level at which your hemispheres are in synchronized, your body relaxed and your mind alert.

Little more about this first session, but you can get an idea of the tools I will be using from the beginning and during the rest of the program. The goal is to integrate them quickly for moving as soon as possible into the next state of consciousness, and thus to be able, seriously, to experiment with them.