Continuing with the previous article about how space and time are represented in a matrix that can be repeated countless times creating what we call realities or parallel dimensions, we are going to see how an influence, being, energy or entity work to generate synchronicities in our lives without noticing how they do it, which is something tremendously simple to execute.

If you remember in the diagram in the previous article, we had that a person’s life is nothing more than a succession of points that move through the mesh in time, by the vertical line, and in space, by the horizontal line. As we see in the drawing, when you are out of that reality, outside that matrix, you can “read it” or perceive it all completely, so that even if the person in question does not know what is ahead, from outside you can perceive the most likely time-space points you will find on your journey, as well as perceive of course all the points that have been left behind.


Inserting objects in your life

If you are, for example, a spiritual guide, let’s use this term generically to refer to all those beings who assist us from the non-physical planes, or if a part of you, the being you are also wants to help, one of the simplest ways to do it is to generate certain synchronicities in your life that help you to correct (or to appropriate of your purpose and evolutionary path) as well as give you messages or put certain “tracks” in your physical reality that you may perceive as normally while you walk through your matrix.

To do this, all you have to do is move from the outside, through the space-time grid of the person, and insert certain elements or actions so that they have the effect required to get your message, help, or generate that synchronicity that is necessary for that person at this moment.

For example, imagine that I ask my guides that whenever they want me to be attentive to something, or to pay special attention at some point, they will send it to me with some clear indication. Let’s imagine that in order to have no doubt that are these guides or my Higher Self who are guiding me, I ask you to put in my life a can of mayonnaise with a blue label, so that it is really difficult for that kind of element to appear in my life in a “casual” way . How do our mayonnaise cans guides do it every time we ask for confirmation of something? First they pull their hair, “you’re already asking for weird things again, you don’t trust us and don’t remember we’re here all the time!” Then they say, “anyway, let’s give him the mayonnaise cans he asks for” 🙂 Imagine that, then, at one point in your life you have to make a choice, and you mentally tell your “team”:”guys… If the path on the left is the right one then show me the mayonnaise!”

Your guides take a look at your space-timeline, go back and go forward, see that effectively the option on the left is correct according to your evolutionary plan. Now what? Well, you have to find the mayonnaise cane. Let’s say they find an option to insert an event into your temporary space so that signal reaches your life, because not far from there someone has thrown one of those cans, or in the supermarket of the corner they just put them on the shelf as a promotion and they are in front of everyone who walks down the street. Your guides go a little into your past, make some changes to your timeline so that your way and the way of the mayonnaise cross each other at the exact moment when you have requested the signal and voila!, you make the request for help and suddenly you walk in front of the supermarket window and there’s your signal!

The sense of humor of the universe

When these things happen to you it’s really comic because you wonder how the universe to talk to you constantly because they are really always sending us these kinds of signals. Recently a friend told me that when she sees bird feathers it means that her guides are close with her, and since she told me that, it seems that mine are teasing me because now there’s no way to go out on the street without starting to see feathers everywhere. Some other times it happens to me that I’m asking questions to my Higher Self, on an internal dialogue, and I can already be walking down the street or in the subway as I always walk with my head in the clouds circling all these topics that I talk about on the blog, and there is always any sign or synchronicity that gives me some answer. And I ask him, how the hell do you put the poster on the ad with the specific message I need? And he says, “Because I hear your question, I go back, I make four changes in your reality (without violating any free will of course) and suddenly you pass through that place you’ve been through a thousand times but today you have the answer right in front of your nose right after you have asked your question mentally.”

I don’t think it always happens that way, I don’t think there’s always a modification of the space-time lines to get us certain synchronicities because the universe as a whole is alive, it’s conscious and as the consciousness that is, is aware that we’re we, and in most cases, the interaction is total and constant, so the environment is always talking to us, communicating with our inner being, and we are always influencing and co-creating our outside world, so if we really pay attention, life always speaks to us and we can answer back, it is true and so it has happened to me. All the outside help we have, has no the greater problem on inserting into our matrix temporary space, out of it, those elements, situations and objects that make us smile from time to time because of the absurdity of synchronicity.

Try it regularly, choose any “rare”, unusual” symbol and ask your guides to use it to get the messages to you. The only thing that could happen is that they have to remove a thousand things to get you something that would be so out of place in those situations that seems even absurd, but I doubt they have any problem getting it, after all they are out of this reality and have all the time in the world to “read” your request at a precise moment in your life, take a walk around, look for what touches you, insert it and return to the moment just after your request was made, to laugh at you for a while for the face you put when you find the blue mayonnaise can in front of your nose.