One of the most surprising things for those learning channeling is that the information supposedly received from entities and beings from other frequency levels is not a word by word dictation, spelling every word with added punctuations so the message conveyed is pleasing to the ear and not misunderstood. However, in most cases, this rather works as a process of “transmission through ideas”.

Information from every angle

The great mediums and channelers in history, at least those with a career widely recognized by the general public, are an example of how channeling works by means of Gestalt or “global concepts”. This is to say, when you are channeling, you don’t always receive the message in words, but as a whole concept that includes emotion, sensations, vibrations, colors, taste, shades, etc. Then, it is the job of the channeler to take these concepts embedded in his/her magnetic field and bring them to the conscious mind, put it in words and transform it into a message that can be understood by everyone else.

Evidently, the ability in this process is what makes a medium or channeler capable of transmitting reliably, in spoken words, a message received as a concept which resembles the original idea as close as possible.

It´s true that, many times and especially with the mediums and channelers that go into trance, the entity being channeled controls the vocal cords and the speech of the person, and it uses them to convey the information it wants, using the vocabulary of the channeler’s mental body. An example of this method are in the books “The Law of One” or “The Ra Material” or “The books of Seth” (by Jane Roberts) where the “consciousness” of the channeler simply gives way to the entity “taking control” of the physical vehicle to freely transmit the information. In this case, the more acquainted the person with the topic at hand, the more vocabulary is available for the channeled entity, and hence the better quality of the message. A medium who has no idea of scientific terms will be a poor transmitter for this kind of messages, for there will be no elements available to take from the mental or emotional body of the channeller when the transmitting entity tries to translate them into words, phrases or images for the conscious mind.

Furthermore, to continue with one of these examples, the medium Carla Rueckert stopped using these trances in her sessions because it was extremely tiring and burdensome, as it happened during the thousands of pages and transmissions that she produced since 1985, when “The Ra Material” was completed. She explains (in her book “A Channeling Handbook”) how channeling by concepts is much better, because the medium or channeler has the control, receiving in her psyche the total “Gestalt” of the message and then just “translates” it into human language, in order to be understood.

The Difficulty of Expression

However, this type of channeling can be like a “bomb” for the medium’s senses, because he/she will perceive the information as a whole. This means that, for example, if you had an entity to explain to you what a rose is, with this method of transmission, you will receive an image of that flower, along with the smell, the touch, all the emotions that you may have when you smell it, etc. and it does not necessarily come with the name “rose” attached. Then it is the ability of the medium to explain the message received, and this is where the prejudices, training, knowledge, eloquence, creativity, etc., come into play so the channeler successfully conveys the concept “rose”. On the other hand, this is also when the background information in the mind, imagination or subconscious of the channeler seep into the message, and without being able to differentiate, it may be perceiving information not coming from an external source, without knowing that, at the same time, the external entity is placing certain content in the channeler’s energy field, mixing it all with information and / or misinformation that the medium already has, without being capable to differentiate which is which. Furthermore, there is also the problem of channeling by remote mental induction, meaning that the “control system”, transmits thoughts “telepathically” by means of technology to the subliminal mind of the channeler, who then believes to be receiving a telepathic communication or channeling from higher levels, when, in many cases, they are coming from a satellite or transmitting antenna pointed at the person who is receiving “the message”.

In cases of legitimate messages that are not manipulated, the concept “rose” for example, is obvious and easy, but imagine when you try to explain a concept like human evolution, or some particular energy, or some event to come, or a metaphysical idea, etc., Then it can become crazy. You may receive the impression of knowledge, and perhaps you are able to understand it, but then, are you able to explain it in human language and are you sure that is not contaminated by our own conditioning factors?

This Is How They Communicate, This Is How They Express

Gestalt is used for transmission through channeling because, beyond the limitations of our physical body or level of evolution, all communications, or what’s the same, the transmission of concepts seem to be telepathic. While is true that words may be used, it is much more complex or it costs more, this is why the channeler should develop the ability to do it through Gestalt. We do not even have to discuss the next level of evolution where we are headed, just working with our inner selves and these entities we call spiritual guides we can practise and exploit this method, because, basically, it is the method of transmitting information everywhere, except when you are inside this physical vehicle we call the human body, in this level we call three dimensional reality. It’s a shame we are not all telepathic yet, but hey, we will get there sometime.