Give and receive value


As a general rule, no matter the job you have or whatever activity you are in, there aren’t enough long-term formulas that can increase or improve our economic life and subsequently the benefits we get for that effort. Working more hours or having two workplaces is not a strategy that could be applied to the concept of having a better life. It can save us temporarily from a special situation, but it’s not the best formula for obtaining more resources.

That’s why the only 100% safe way is to increase the value and the service we provide to others.

We receive what we give in return

There is a very important universal law that we must understand. Increase your service and the value of what you provide on what you do is an indissoluble part of any method you can find to increase your finances and your economic situation. What you are able to generate with your work, your skills, your actions, etc., towards the rest of society, will be what will provide you with the return value in the form of monetary compensation (in most cases).

To more value provided, more value received.

The question of obtaining more benefits in any way is closely linked to the question of how much we contribute in the way that is in return, one example is that of the “Law of Boomerang”, what you throw is what will always come back to you. So for those who have previously sought formulas that provide extra income without greater results, here you have the definitive:

Personal Benefits obtained = value delivered x number of people benefited

How can we know if what I do is providing something of value to the world? At first glance it doesn’t seem easy to find out. Your daily and everyday actions, when they benefit others, are generating value and for that value you will be rewarded. It is not necessary to be a political leader so that your decisions (good, in principle) improve people’s lives. Or be a known actor so that your films inspire others to do this or that which improves their life even if it is only in a tiny facet. Do what you can in your current situation, in your environment. And little by little look to get a little farther. If today every action you make benefits 10 people, think if there is any way that can benefit 15. What if you get it to be 30?

When you do something, try to contribute, make sense and improve in some way the life of the person who receives what you give. It doesn’t matter if you’re a waiter and you provide your best smile at a customer with a bad day, or if you work in an office and make your project really improve something somewhere. The more value you contribute to the planet, the more value you will receive in return.

If your actions promote positive change, improving the lives of those who are affected by them, as far as possible, you are already generating a strong value. Put your efforts so what you do, reaches more people, whatever it is. It can be doing something material that can be distributed to a large number of people or it can be making decisions that impact thousands of them, for example in a large company or in a business. You don’t have to be Picasso so that everybody talks about you and how much you inspire them. You can build a bridge as an engineer and make millions of people benefit from it.

Live with the idea of generating value towards others with what you do, and life will take care of some way to reward you for it.

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