Each of us feels from time to time that, depending on who we are talking to or interacting with, we end up with a certain kind of sensation on our bodies or state of mind. There are meetings with friends or colleagues that leave us really animated and happy, just like if we have had a blast (of energy), while in some other times, we could find people that leave us exhausted, tired or unmotivated, and we don’t even know why or how they have been able to change our mood so drastically.

We find the explanation in the way humans interact with other humans. It is the process in the exchange of energy that happens every time two (or more people) meet.

Each and every one of us possesses an electromagnetic field that surrounds our body and is responsible for how our physical body is and feels, known as the human aura, or auric field.

The electromagnetic vibration that surrounds us varies and interacts with all the people around us. We could send it consciously, simply thinking about it or we can also absorb the energy of others. All this process is usually done unconsciously depending on who we are with, our feelings towards him or her, our way of being, etc. For a graphic example, I recommend the movie “The celestine prophecy” based on James Redfield’s book of the same title.

In one of the scenes, the protagonist approaches a girl, and his energy field focuses strongly on her. Then the other person feels uncomfortable and, in some way, her energy field compressed inward. This scene clarifies us a little bit the two types of person we can meet when we start talking or interacting.

Energy Giver

There are people who, depending on their way of being (character, personality, strength, etc.), provide more energy to others than the energy they can take from others. Being next to an energy giver type of person usually has a revitalizing effect on you, it encourages you, and makes you feel comfortable and cheerful, motivated and happy. They are people full of vitality, optimism and full of joy and strength. Sometimes they become healers or people who electromagnetic fields can affect the mood of many people even if they are hundreds of kilometers away. For example, Amma is an Indian woman who goes all around the world sharing hugs to people. She gives them a blast of energy and wellness that is not easy to explain in a rational way (although it is true that she creates a great performance around her who predisposes people mentally to accept so). Day by day, people you meet and make you feel good after a few minutes (even if you do not realize) are givers or energy donors.

Energy drainer

On the other hand, there are people who absorb more energy from others than the energy they can provide to them. They need it as a part of their life support, and as they don’t know how to obtain it, they become “energy thieves”. Being around those people usually makes you feel more tired. For example, after a long conversation with them, perhaps you will feel more sad and weak than you were before you meet them, with a certain kind of discomfort or even a small sensation of emptiness. This process of “energy theft” is often unconsciously and the attitude, the character or way of interacting with you is designed to be nourished by what it can get from our electromagnetic field.

Energy vampires

These are an extreme kind of energy drainers, the “vampires”, as they are popularly known in people’s wisdom. They are people who really leave you exhausted every time you talk or meet them. Provoke situations where they happen to be the winners, and you get stunned, confused, weak and exhausted. They depend on the energy they absorb from others as part of their daily routine to reinforce their inner being. This kind of people usually have their self-esteem and self-confidence very low down and it is only by attacking others, directly or indirectly, that they are able to go on their day to day life. You may find “vampires”, probably, all around you: your boss, for example, who is constantly getting you into difficult situations in front of your co-workers, your partner who always demands of you constant attention in any situation, your friends who always need you to be encouraging them and taking care of them, etc. Having a vampire around you is really tiring and sometimes, we do not understand why we end up exhausted in our day wishing to go directly to our bed in order to sleep.

Breaking the vicious cycle

To break up with the bad habit of being the main course of those who enjoy stealing the energy of others, you must, in the first place, be aware of the situation. There is no energy exchange if you are aware of what is really happening. The same way you can consciously send good vibrations, you can also avoid them if you do not want to enter into the game of someone who tries to create situations in which he could, in some way, absorb your strength. All these things that the vampire does at an unconscious level, you can turn it into your favor stopping it mentally. There are people who imagine a circle of light around them, a mental protection, a shield that avoids others from penetrating your energy field, etc.

I have personally verified that it is enough to be aware of the situation and not direct our energy (thoughts, words, behavior, answers) towards the person so to avoid that at the end you feel broken, sad, empty or aside.

Charge yourself with energy

The universe is the source of energy for all. It is unlimited, infinite, powerful, it never ends. The same way we feed ourselves when we eat, rest and recover when we sleep, the same way we recharge our battery plugging it into an electric charge simply by the conscious desire to accept the “universal” energy in us. If you practice some technique of meditation, relaxation, yoga, etc., you will understand this concept very well. Sunlight, a walk in the woods, the simple contact with nature, are also ways to recharge while we are not sleeping. The simple act of imagining a direct current of light on us that recharges us is part of the recovery process.

Maintaining yourself charged

The solution to always feel vital and plenty of energy consists in the following two phases: not allowing anyone to drain a part of our energy field that we do not want to share and recharge entirely every day. Find the activities that revitalize you and keep away from “energy vampires”, don’t play the role of the victim with them, keep the distance between you and them if necessary. The result is that every morning you will find yourself full of energy, inspired and motivated to do any activity you want.