Giving permission to negative entities


One of the most common reasons for some of the energetic problems we have and, above all, for certain type of emotions and feelings that appear within us and which doesn’t make us feel exactly good, is having a negative entity anchored to our aura or subtle bodies.

As we live in a universe perceived as dual and with free will, it is not possible for positive entities to exist, unless negative entities exist too, although simple this may seem. Both poles are reflections of the polarities game we are immersed in, being the neutral energy or neutral polarity the referee of it. Darkness cannot “be eliminated completely” because it is as much part of Creation as light it is. This point of view is not quite accurate, but it is a way of expressing the duality concepts which currently govern us. The solution involves the constant balance between both polarities, which unfortunately today, is far from being the reality of our planet.

As I have mentioned in other posts, negative entities are basically beings or forces that depend on the energy of negative charge which exists in other people or entities to “feed” and survive. When they have enough power they can overlap the place of the original soul of the person, and a possession happens, when they don´t, they simply hook to our subtle bodies. However, for this to happen either we have to give them permission or they use a permission which global and generic for humankind.

We are not always “innocent” victims

When doing my first Akashic Healings readings, I simply found out there was a negative entity on a person, figured out how it was affecting the person and “disconnected” it from him o her through the healing of his energetic field and repairing the damage this entity had done. However, over time, when researching about the reason why a negative entity was anchored in one person and not in another, I found it was because the person had given it permission. Unconsciously, most of the times, it is true, but permission after all.

In order that a “negative” entity to be anchored to us and be more difficult to expel it,  the entity seeks our permission and we have to give it. However, how do they get it? Usually lying to us (to our soul many times, it is not always a permission given from our conscious personality). They can pass themselves as a positive entity, our Higher Self, spiritual guides, or whoever and they can promise us the world and everything we really desire deep within. There are several reasons why we accept this anchoring, and the more common ones tell us quite a lot about human beings deeper needs: everlasting love, warmth, company and “eternal” salvation.

The conscious mind would probably not notice “this deal,” but the soul we are can accept the anchoring without noticing the consequences, because it has been fooled, obviously to get something which a negative entity would not be able to provide. Other reasons less frequent and which can be found in “a little less advanced” reincarnations is allowing the anchoring in exchange of power or material benefits. It is less common, but yet happens.

Why do we let ourselves be fooled?

When being in this incarnation, inside the human body, this excellent suit we use to express ourselves in the world, we have the limitations imposed by our mental and energetic configuration for this life and we have blocked our access to whom we actually are in the higher planes. The soul might feel vulnerable as much as frightened and lost when it starts another incarnation or when it has to face the challenge of guiding the personality and the human body in which it lives in her evolutionary path through physical experiences in the reality in which she exists. Therefore, in many occasions, it is rather easy to accept this promises of spiritual help which entities falsely disguised offer us. We, in return, allow them to be near us using our energy. When the deal is sealed, it is too late, and the negative entity uncovers itself and it is them when problems start.

My aim is to explain that we are never innocent victims of what happens to us, although many times we are unaware and it is far from our conscious reality this type of “deals” we make at other levels. But after all, it is,  sometimes, different levels of ourselves who allow this anchoring to take place. We have all the power and control of our lives in all the existence planes of it and in all the levels of reality in which we operate. It is not that we have to blame ourselves, but at least we have to be conscious of it. If we have accepted a being which offers us eternal love, what is that we are telling ourselves that it’s missing in us?

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