In the 1990s, a series of books entitled “Matrix” and published by Val Valerian (John Grace) described a type of technological procedure, by which, as it was said in one of those books, the “souls” of people who were dying, did not “transitioned” nowhere above the inner planes more adjacent to the physical plane, but were forced to re-enter, immediately, into another body, with the aim of being quickly launched as a new source of sustenance energy for the different races that run the show we’re in.

Apparently, there is as much real information as blatant disinformation in the thousands and thousands of pages of the various volumes of “Matrix”, which are nothing more than a compilation of all kinds of reports and data on the activities of different races on our planet from military sources, so if you have read them (which I did), you will soon be saturated by the avalanche of information because there are things that are hard to digest. From these books, at least as far as I can remember, different ufological researchers began to say, “never go to the light tunnel,” because when you passed away, it was just the quickly “trap” to recycle you back again into the “human farm.” In fact, this theme and the concept of “not going into the light” is quite popular in some forums related to the study of the Alien presence on the planet. This morning that I´ve been watching a lecture by Simon Parkes, the researcher on the possible agenda that these different races have, has reminded me of this story of recycling souls because it has said the same thing again explaining that the system of non-natural mesh imposed on Earth, as an electromagnetic mantle, for the control of the collective unconsciousness of the human being, is what serves as a “recycling system” of souls for the maintenance of the energy sustenance that we humans provide to these groups.

Of course, the issue of the electromagnetic control network has been clear to me for some time, I spoke briefly about it at the conference and also in this other article when we talked about the predatory mind.

What never fit me is the issue of recycling “souls” in a “forced” way since, at least in my experience with regressive therapy, I have crossed that light vortex many times and have actually left here and been away from Earth in some of my periods between “incarnations”.

Then, in all the regressions that I have done to my companions, we have never seen any problem or obstacle when leaving a life and moving to different planes and places, recovering certain memories, observing the process “between incarnations” and seeing again how the new entry into a new body is prepared. If the system of “soul trapping” were global, it would not make sense that we could recover these memories or I have seen in all the sessions that I have done some similar forced procedure of entry and exit from one life to another, which has not been the case.

Even so, we must be cautious because it is possible that we may find ourselves with a sub-level of the “matrix” that we do not understand, since there are indications that something is being cooked up that should not exist, and in some cases, it seems that there is a recycling of souls.

The reason of the electromagnetic mantle around the planet

On a very briefly way, this electromagnetic field of control is not part of the natural energy system of the planet and, much less has anything to do with what we are calling the 4D mesh, which is just the result of anchoring high-frequency energies of positive polarity all over the planet, but this “grid” is a system imposed for millennia by the different races that have made Earth their game board, supermarket and a place of mineral resources supply to be able to modulate and control the psycho-mental processes of those inside, so no a single drop of the energy generated here be missed. This network serves not only as a “frequency modulator” of the human being, but as a collector, so what we generate can be used as an energy sustenance. At this point, I suppose no one is surprised by this subject.

Losing potential-energy on entry

A few weeks ago in a regression session, a guide explained to us that every being who enters into the planet to incarnate knows that when crossing the net, some of his energy will be taken or lost since the different races that control it and maintain it , not only they collect their livelihoods from those inside, but they make everyone who wants to enter pay a “toll.” This toll is obviously not voluntary and you don’t even get a receipt, simply, when crossing into the physical plane you have to cross the “negative” etheric mesh if you want to incarnate in the body and this is like crossing over an electric fence where you rub your energy system with the mesh and some of your potential-energy is absorbed by that electric fence and stays behind, so everyone who comes in here, every time we do, we arrive with a little less “voltage” than we have “out there”. Since this process is based on pure off-planet technology, and since I don’t know how far holes can be opened in the fence so that a being is incarnate without losing potential, I understand that it is the process that all of us have lived hundreds of times, but there’s something that now I have a little more clear and I’m going to try to revive in some regression to see if I can recover the memories or perceptions of the right moment of crossing that mesh.

And on the way out

This morning in a Simon Parkes’ video I heard again about the technology system for recycling souls, I got the flash of what it could be, at least as I understand it now because it can perfectly turn out that the matter is much less simple than how I have it in my head. It is interesting to understand that if this collecting-oppressive mesh has been operating for centuries, it does on a bidirectional way, so if you enter you have no choice but to cross through it and in doing so you lose some of your potential and energy that it will stop at a breakfast of some lizard or some mantis when the exit is the same, in fact, possibly at the exit, for some reason, is much more pronounced the loss of energies of the spirit-soul group that transitions to the non-physical planes. I think the tunnel or vortex of light is really the “natural” way out of the physical plane and I understand that this mesh is on the etheric plane because the more energy density (lower frequency level) the more “food” contains the package you leave behind.

The supposed recycling of souls is possibly nothing more than the loss of vast amounts of the energy of the subtle bodies that, technologically, is absorbed and subtracted from every being that enters and leaves the physical plane.

Personally, I do not think it is possible to capture a spirit (the being that we are) that comes out of an incarnation, but perhaps it is possible to capture the soul layers of the character that he was in that incarnation and force him in a technological way to enter again into a physical body in a forced way. I will try to force some regression to see if I am capable with some of my companions of perceiving those moments. Even so, no matter how expensive the toll to be paid is, millions of beings continue to enter to collaborate in the change of system and I am sure that the concession of this system will be finished soon because, among other things, I am sure that this mesh is getting weaker, more and more perforated and even if they recycle or recompose it, it supports less and less the blockade that has been imposed on us for so long. It is a matter of continuing to work on our growth, our connection to our being, our personal path, until the collective consciousness reflects the kind of change within each of us. Let us raise the frequency to the necessary levels and in a flash the change to the evolutionary level will produce and nothing and nobody can stop or control.