I don’t know if today is a special day, but I have the feeling that I have reached the end of a search. Something resonates inside me, having known to finally have found, thanks to the assistance of my guides and the synchronicity that many events have created on my reality, bringing to me the books and writings that have been leading me to meditate, learn how to connect and access the information that has, finally, let me find out what is it that I really like to do, what I can do and must do to contribute a bit more to the development of humanity.

It came in English, as a whole “data packet” being downloaded internally, despite being Spanish my mother tongue, but it has been easy to write it and understand it. This is what resonates, at this time, as a true purpose for this life:

Help others achieve their goals by explaining, directing, mentoring, leading, coaching and advising…

by learning, discovering, reading and teaching to improve my skills and knowledge…

using one to one conversation, public speaking and writing….

in a way that I contribute to the world by inspiring others to create what they want, and achieve what they wish, motivating and guiding the people in their activities.

Sounds great, I think I can finally sleep more relaxed.

Translated from David Topi´s spanish version by Katia Moral. Follow her work via Facebook and Instagram.