In the different modalities of working with energy that I know and practice, it is always curious to see how the relationship between blockages and problems that arise and their healing works. The first thing that one notices, mainly because I am my own and principal “testing subject” is that the “patients” only “heal” when they are “ready” to be healed on their deep levels of consciousness. Then you as their “Healer” act as an energetic catalytic that removes, transmutes and cleanses their energetic systems with your tools.

In my case, of course, I work with the Higher Self of the person, I mean, right with the most elevated part of the person who desires the energetic cleansing, and as I obtain physical and “spiritual” permission (always making sure that at the level of the HS you are permitted to do the cleansing) you can perceive that the individual is ready to remove certain blockages.

Working on multiple levels.

These type of healings occur on multiple levels, and they work through an interaction between “Healer” and “Patient” (I apologize, but I cannot find other terminology, I do not define myself as a healer nor I treat them as patients or as if they were ill), which happens because the latter is “prepared” for it to happen. I mean, if I tried to do a cleansing on someone who is not ready on their HS level it would not work, as a fact it does not work. Therefore the importance of a “previous” energetic permission after having received the physical permission, because of you receive a No” for an answer means there is nothing at that moment, for as much energies or blockages that you try to transmute, there is very little that you’ll be able to do.

It is as if it were a switch, when the person is “Ready” the energy of the “Healer” does nothing but activate the energies from those internal levels (Higher Self) that produces the healing of the person. It is self-healing which triggered by the healer and or the tool he or she uses. This also has to do with the kind of blockages we can peel in every session. Sometimes you are allowed to eliminate superficial things, mostly because the person, in other levels, does not want to accept or isn’t ready to be freed of deeper issues. It may be because there are still other things to “attack” before we even think about solving something more serious, or it may be because it is not the moment even for that blockage to be transmuted.

The good thing here is that you always work under the guidance of something that is infinitely wiser than the person performing the reading or energetic session and the person who is receiving it: since the Higher Self is asking for the healing, therefore, you understand you must listen and let yourself be guided. This is how it’s a delight to work.