I have finished these days reading and putting into practice a book called The Emotion Code, recommended by a friend and blog reader. It is a very simple book to put into practice to eliminate emotions trapped into us that manifest as blockages in our energy system and in our physical body.

As in all therapy, as we are releasing emotions and problems (I myself have been doing readings and periodic healings through my Higher Self), we realize that at each cleansing session, our guides and our Higher Self allow us to remove only, and exactly, that which at that time we can deal with and it’s more important to heal. Why? To prevent us from entering what is known as “healing crisis”, where so many energies are removed that we suddenly find ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally destabilized, exhausted and worse than we were before we started.

Step by step

The healing processes, in all disciplines I know, are stages processes, sometimes slower than we would like, but always at the necessary and specific pace that we ourselves can endure and manage. What begins as elimination of energies in the causal body, becomes mental body movements, going through emotional body changes and finally manifesting at the etheric and physical level (that’s why the body, when it is being cleansed, can sometimes lightly and briefly become ill again to give way out all energies that have been released).

That’s why every reading and healing, are always spaced several days or weeks between them, allowing us a little more to peel blocks and restrictions layers that are latent in us, but buried and not accessible in the immediately preceding reading. To understand this, we have to imagine our energy system as an onion, and all of the problems, blockages, trapped emotions, restrictions, etc, are as a sticky mess of plasticine attached. All of us, over the years, have grown accustomed to living with those gobs, we make room for them in a certain way, and when someone receives a healing session whatever technique it is, they are removed mostly the main and fattest pieces, always up to the point that allows us to continue with our lives without great complications (but feeling much lighter and better, of course, having removed that problem from above).

At the moment we have released what in the first “onion layer” was present, on the immediate surface, we have access to the rest of the blocks that were a little deeper, in that second layer, more buried, coming from older situations, or deeper, or more traumatic and therefore more hidden. We release just what the person can “endure” in each session without going into crisis, let a few weeks go by, let their energy system adapt again to the new lightness feeling, cleanliness and healing, and if desired, the process can be repeated.

Continuous maintenance

Those of us who are interested in getting rid of accumulations of ballast, burden, for hundreds of incarnations, obviously can go on to Infinity clearing hidden constraints each time in deeper layers. This isn’t necessary in most people, because when you have already cleaned a few times, first in a generic way, and then in a specific way for a particular problem, we feel much better and perfectly fit to lead a normal life, but that’s where what everyone wants to do comes in, as well as there are those who take great care of themselves at the physical level and go to the gym regularly and those who do not, there are also those who take great care of themselves at the energetic level and those who do not.

That’s why sometimes healing sessions in the same person differ so much. Perhaps in the first one we were allowed to release a great number of things because the person was prepared for it, because they were not excessively important (although added if they were), and because it was necessary to make that person move forward in his evolution and path, but then when that person returns to a second session, it turns out that we can only work with one or two blocks, because they are stronger or more difficult, and we cannot move forward until they have been removed. Each one is a world, and heals at a different pace, but that’s not why we have to worry, in practically every case, several weeks after each session, we feel really much better than we were before, and it’s an unequivocal sign that we have released an important part of what prevented us from being a little happier in life.