One of the things I am experiencing these days is the most in-depth work with the collective unconscious, and performing more global and generic healings. Tuning into a person and doing a reading and healing through his Higher Self is a relatively simple process once you have the tool, so now I’m seeing that you can expand the range of activities to transmute wider energies.

Environment energies vs. mind energies

Although when we heal places and homes we are also somehow healing or transmuting negative energies in the environment, working with the collective unconscious has a slightly different connotation. Basically, at least it is my experience of these days, it works by transmuting mainly fears, and what we call negative thought forms and egregors created by people’s collective consciousness, without going into connecting with anyone in particular.

It is different to heal large areas of surfaces (for example in the group of students of the courses, we tried, and did, a global healing of Barcelona and Madrid from which many things came out, we ourselves, among others, scalded, but which served as bestial learning to the group), however here the job is simply to connect, from your own unconscious to the collective unconscious, and to see what energies appear that need to be transmuted. All of this I realized because I saw repeated in my self-readings a block over and over again, and that it didn’t go away, and I saw the same blockage in my energy system, until I realized that I wasn’t healing myself, but that I was picking up some fears through my connection to that super morphic field (as Rupert Sheldrake describes it), and that was what I, bit by bit, in each pass, was healing and transmuting, in the short range that I may have as an individual.

It’s a new and impressive work area, can we really do large-scale global healings and transmutations? Can we really eliminate all the fear that hangs over our heads right now, for example? That may be the case, I alone, of course, will not do it, but it opens the door to a new research area. The collective unconscious affects us all, and we create it together, what if we could apply large-scale energy transmutation tools to modify it?