Helping to heal areas of the planet

I imagine you’ve all participated from time to time in some kind of joint or individual meditation where the main objective is simply to send energy to someone or something, either to the planet, either to a family member, or to an event, etc. I’m not going to discover anything new explaining the power that have this type of energy acts even though a large part of us can not see the “physical effect” that occurs when the energy has been received and integrated by the receiver of it.

In any case, one of the reasons why I tell you this, is because there are several areas of the planet that need a little more help than normal, so to speak, because what exists in that particular area is not enough or can transmute certain pockets of negative energy that have accumulated in some points and basically are crying out for someone (humanity) to help them.

At the moment, one of the most urgent points to be healed on the planet (there are many!) is an area in the Pacific where there is absolutely nothing, only water, hence, among other things, that have been the “beings of the sea”, let’s leave it that way, those who have asked for help, because there are no human beings in that area, there is no way to anchor or directly penetrate energies that can transmute the negative accumulation that exists.

The area is more or less here where I indicate you on the map:

As you can imagine, this etheric accumulation of a great negative charge comes mainly from one or several atomic tests carried out by our governments in small atolls of the Pacific away from the sight of people and precisely for that reason there are no people who can with their physical presence try to transmute and alleviate that point and the marine species that have the highest degree of frequency and vibrational level of the area (dolphins, whales, etc.), can not with it.

How energy is sent to transmute

It’s much simpler than it seems and everyone who wants it, each in their own free will, can do it at home.

The visualization is to imagine the planet in front of you, in your hands (or if you have a small ball of the world you can hold it physically), and put it at the height of the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. Then it’s a matter of starting to breathe through the fourth chakra, which means nothing more than imagining that the energy enters and leaves rhythmically from this chakra, as it does through the nose when you breathe physically, but putting the intention that it actually comes in and out energy from that chakra. You only have to put the Earth in front of the chakra through the area to heal, in your mind if you are imagining it or physically if you have it in your hands, with one hand up and another down, as holding it by both poles, and direct your energy from the fourth to that chakra point on Earth.

Last night I did the same thing for about 15 minutes, the first moments were to work on myself and start feeling the energy coming in and out of the chakra (you just have to imagine it, put the intention and desire to do it) and then the remaining time is like a bomb to which I give that energy to the area of the planet with the order, intention and conviction that it is coming and is being useful. Don’t give too much importance to the mental part of whether it works or not, let yourself be carried away that it does work even if we can’t go and check it out in situ. And so, among other things, we make life a little bit happier for all the creatures that are doing the impossible to heal the area and we take a little responsibility at the level of humanity for what happened. The planet is our home and we have to take care of it.

A million thanks for the help!

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