Sometimes, solving a physical problem, a psychic-mental problem or an energetic problem that one has, is a titanic work, especially if it is something inherited by the genetics of multiple generations, or by the energetic inheritance that the soul brings with it from other lives when incarnating (or by the current influence of other lives over us). These problems are complicated, they are deeply embedded in our psyche and energetic system, and they do not give us too many facilities to come to light and simply transmute.

Where does this come from?

One of the first things we should do before determining a problem is to detect its origin. It is very different to treat something that comes from a genetic and hereditary source which consequence is in the physical body and organic vehicle that we use, than treat something that comes from processes of the soul dragged from other incarnations.

Suppose that in the first case, the soul incarnates in a physical body, the problem is present, I mean, it doesn’t matter if it is my soul or the neighbor’s soul, that soul uses the organic body that I have, that problem, dysfunction, energetic tare is at the level of DNA, at the level of something that is transmitted from father to son, that problem will be the same. On the contrary in the second case, if the problem is in the baggage that the soul carries to incarnate, the blockage will appear only in the physical vehicle that the soul chooses, that is, if I want to have a child that at a genetic level doesn’t bring any “tare” of their ancestors, but the soul decides to incarnate in him, it may manifest a blockage or a problem, while if another soul with other characteristics decided to incarnate in that same physical body, it would manifest none.


So we already have a first line of research here. Where does the blockage, problem or dysfunction that I have come from? We have three options: by birth through hereditary and genetic means, by birth by karmic or energetic baggage of the soul, or by generation throughout life when soul and body are already united and form a joint symbiosis. This third case is one of the most frequent cases in “superficial” blockages, they are the first problemas to come to light during healing and therapies because they are those that have been generated after birth, while the others have much more old and complex roots.

When the origin is mixed and comes from both sides

However, although we have determined the possible origin, the situation here is not that simple because we all tend to incarnate with the same group of souls in different lives, simply by exchanging the roles. The genetic defect that was generated 20 generations ago and we´ve been dragging along our parent’s line of an hereditary way, it turns out it’s with the same group of souls involved, the same ones who are now suffering because they have incarnated again in the same line, although some incarnations later in time. For example, a disease that was generated by your great-great-grandfather, which manifested itself in your great-grandfather, in your grandfather and in your father, will affect you by genetic means, but it will affect you more at the level of the soul, since you were involved in the process that detonated that disease by a confrontation with the person who was your great-great-grandfather, who in that life was your partner, who generated the energetic dysfunction that ended up manifesting itself on a physical problem that passed thru generation after generation until by the effect of that karma, it reaches you 100 years and four generations later.

Healing the group of the primary group of souls

It is not easy to solve these things. For you to be able to heal something, sometimes you have to heal all your family, those who make family constellations know it very well. Sometimes for someone in your family to heal, you have to do a huge work first, because if you do not transmute that problem, your child will remain ill or continue manifesting something you do not even know how to take it. It is terribly important to inquire into the depths of oneself to get to cure something that may have happened 40 lives ago, and it is still latent, otherwise, the same souls that were with you at that time when the problem was created, now can be part of your inner circle awaiting for you to make the step of self healing to be able to take off and get rid of the energetic-karmic-emotional anchor they have with them.

It can be a work of years, because I’m not talking about unlocking a chakra, healing a limiting belief or expelling an entity from the aura, but talking about those traumas, fears and limitations that have survived the cleaning filter and energetic restoration that every soul goes through in the period between lives and is still latent incarnation after incarnation.

Using a multidisciplinary manner

Sometimes we have to combine multiple tools and work as a team. If I want to avoid an illness that my father and my grandfather had, I have to see if it is something genetic that I am going to manifest because it is in my DNA that they have transmitted to me, or if it is a karmic problem of my father and my grandfather’s soul that they had to go through that, but neither my son or I are ruled to the same process, on the contrary, if it is a karma at the level of a group of souls where both my grandfather and my father, me and my son are ruled to the same process and we do not confront it, then we will manifest the same problem. It is something very complicated.

This type of liberation and transmutation requires a lot of patience and a big desire to have inner growth even if we are not able to see in oneself that this type of things are latent, but it is when they take force and manifest themselves precisely to force ourselves to face us. If you want to heal, cut, release or clean you must be willing to break the barriers and fears that impede it, and you must be willing to change, because when you change from the inside, everything on the outside changes. What is it that scares you the most? Will I be a different person if I heal this problem? As we all get used to live with our mess and blockages, we make room for them in our comfort zone, but we can always push forward a little bit more and face it.

Things like this sometimes appear in the readings of the records and can’t be solved with a single cleansing, in fact, to solve them it’s needed multiple external aids and a combination of multiple techniques and therapies, as well as self-knowledge. At the end, we all have the growth opportunities and the help we need when we ask for it. The only hard thing is to start looking at the navel, and then, to make the decision that we can not wait to start working on that liberation that many souls around you are waiting.