We call social memory complex when a group of people, beings or entities, form or create a single “mind” where they are all consciously connected. We are told that being integrated in a greater or in a lesser degree into one “global mind” or generic consciousness field, is common to all evolutionary levels higher than ours. If you have read books channeled by entities or beings that define themselves as belonging to fourth, fifth or sixth “density”, you will notice that most of them take a common name for the group that shares this consciousness. For example, “Ra, the Law of One” is the channeling of a social memory complex formed by millions of individual entities of same evolutionary level that have come together (probably from lower levels) and formed a unique “conscience” self-called “Ra”, that transmits the knowledge and explanations with a single voice, but does not represent an individual soul or entity but thousands or millions of them and their shared knowledge.

Early formation of a social memory complex

Although as incredible as it may seem, at the evolutionary level we are in this “course”, we would have the needed conditions to form a terrestrial social memory complex. How is that possible? Simply because we already have a connection that unites us all, through the collective unconscious, morphic field or what we call the planetary mind. If we could manage the connection we consciously have, to be fed from it, give and receive information, “read it” and so on, all planet inhabitants could form their own social memory complex. Then, if we wish we could give talks to other level entities with the knowledge of the complex we have formed, because each of us would have access to the whole planet information and use it to help others if we were polarized, as a society, in service to others.

The terrestrial social memory complex at the next level of consciousness

Even so, this is what, when the time comes, now or in 80 years, will happen to those who complete their 3D evolutionary process and incarnated or in life will pass to the next evolutionary stage on our planet. Once the “veil” that keeps apart the processes in the mental spheres and prevent us from accessing the knowledge stored in the mental body at a subconscious level, will begin to be deprogrammed, all entities in the universe will have a permanent access to the planetary system mind to which they belong.

It is created then, a social memory complex, allowing everybody to speak with a single voice, accessing the memory and information bank of all planet inhabitants and use it to communicate with each other without so many taboos as we have today. Precisely, one of the virtues of leaving this 3D 7,8Hz level, is that we will be transparent on an emotional, energetic and mental level and will avoid a lot of “small-talk” to get to know people with whom we will share our life in the new 3D matrix 15,6Hz we are heading to.

Individuality vs Team Work

Being part of a social memory complex, doesn’t mean we will lose our own individuality. We do not get rid of our essence to mix with the conscience of other millions of souls, we all simply form one mind that becomes our information repository. When someone channels information from a social memory complex, normally one of the entities transmits in the name of the whole group, because all minds are integrated and connected. This way, the social memory complex is strengthened by the contribution of all the knowledge that each entity that takes part in it, acquires and automatically turns into the group mind, since their connection is permanent.

This is very useful for the group when, for instance, different “wanderers” (see previous article) move through the universe to help other races and groups on other levels and they bring back the information collected. The best “professors” are not individual entities to try to channel, but social memory complexes that incorporate the experiences, information and knowledge of millions of souls, not only those that have remained within the group throughout its evolution, but also those who have been going in and out of their role as wandering souls.